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Tuesday, December 29, 2015Consumers

The French: shoppers like no other!


The 2016 edition of Connected Life, a TNS Group study, reveals that with a connected and increasingly informed consumer, the shopper journey is no longer linear. It is now composed of a plurality of"touchpoints" with the marks. Real investigations are sometimes conducted through all these contact opportunities before making a purchase and the cosmetics department is no exception.

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Connected Life 2016, a TNS Group benchmark survey of Internet users' attitudes and behavior worldwide, was conducted among 60,500 consumers in 50 countries around the world between May and August 2015. It studies how technology is transforming the daily lives of citizens and consumers. It delivers key insights to understand the impact of the digital ecosystem for brands and brings out new opportunities to connect with consumers in an increasingly complex environment. And make the best decisions in a connected world.

Cosmetics: the atypical shopper career of French consumers

The Connected Life survey reveals that 7 out of 10 French consumers (71%) say they get information before making a purchase more than four out of five (84%) in the world do the same. French consumers are as likely to search offline (50%) as online (51%) before buying a brand, unlike many other markets in the world where either offline or online guides the search.

It's not just expensive items like cars, travel, high-tech products, holidays and financial products and services that consumers are researching. This approach also concerns cosmetics s More than two thirds (68%) of French consumers say they do research before buying baby care products, 56% for personal …

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