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The French sun protection factor (UV) is 33.3

With the return of summer, the challenges related to the harmful consequences of sunshine on the skin are once again raised. Does the Frenchman protect himself well and is he aware of the risks that prolonged exposure implies for his health? A study conducted by epharmacy Newpharma has identified trends related to online searches and the most popular solutions on its platform.

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The key words of the online search

As might be expected, a very large increase in the number of queries on keywords such as". sunbathe " and" tanning "The"peak" is reached in June (+183% and +131% respectively in 2014 compared to the rest of the year) and July (+113% and +75% in 2014). After a gradual growth starting in January, Newpharma has also noticed an explosion of research on the words"the" and"the". sunscreen ", " sun cream "In June and July, the rates reached +169%, +261% and +241% respectively in June 2014 and +105%, +117% and +127% in July of the same year. Moreover, it seems that the French already aspire to a more tanned skin as early as April in view of the significant increase in research carried out on the basis of the terms"skin" and"skin". solarium "(+42% last year) and" tanning booth "(+73 %) for example.

Purchases of solar products

These trends are confirmed year after year by the significant increase in online purchases of products related to UV exposure from April until July. Based on 2013 and 2014 results and overall sales growth in the first quarter of this year, expects orders for this line of …

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