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The importance of having beautiful hair for men


In the ‘my hair, my fight’ series, it is now time for men’s behaviour to be gone through with a fine-toothcomb. If these gentlemen often have the reputation not to take care of themselves (except for elementary hygiene rules), a study conducted by Dove last summer deconstructed these clichés to demonstrate the special bond that makes them one with their mane of hair. To this aim, the cosmetics brand surveyed a panel of Americans belonging to different social classes.

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To understand the men/hair relationship, Dove started by taking interest in masculine habits as regards hair maintenance. Six men out of ten wash their hair in a flash, in less than 60 seconds, most of the time in the morning. 44% of respondents consider their hair looks better when it is clean.
Of course, they do not waste time with washing, but they are much more conscientious with hair styling. 66% of the men surveyed say they do their hair every day, while only 7% admit they never try. Indeed, nine men out of ten look at themselves in the mirror at least once a day to check their hair is in place. Hairstyle is actually a serious concern.
In addition, the survey reveals that three men out of five dream of having healthier and stronger hair. How can they do it? To 57% of respondents, frequent washing is the key (although dermatologists recommend the contrary!), and one man out of four thinks eating avocado toasts has a positive impact on hair quality.

All about image

From a professional standpoint, eight men out of ten consider a perfect hairdo contributes to giving a good impression of themselves. To them, sportsmen, lawyers, and fashion designers are those with the best haircuts.
As they are willing to look good at a date, eight men out of ten believe their hair is a seducing, glamorous parameter. As a result, it is no surprise the same number associate hairdo with self-esteem.
Men also have their own bad hair days. Dove reveals 44% of men have already felt embarrassed, sad, or non-desirable because of what they had on their heads. To 86% of the people surveyed, the hair reflects personality.

No more shaggy-haired men ready in five minutes. The Dove survey highlights the image of a male concerned about his hair and who associates it with different parameters in his life like self-esteem, desire, or the world of work. Are men like any other women? 


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