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The major trends 2021 according to Mintel

Les grandes tendances de fond 2021 selon Mintel

We are only at the beginning of the year 2021 but it is already time to look ahead. Mintel, a forecasting agency whose work consists a little bit in predicting the future, has just published its report on the major trends that should punctuate the various industries, including the cosmetics industry. On the agenda, commitment, the human factor and a particular attention to health?

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The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of health, both physical and mental.
Today, consumers are looking for anything that can bring them well-being.
Mintel reports that 51% of Britons use connected applications to track their health and 59% of Chinese consider that playing sports is more of a priority since the Covid-19 crisis began.

According to Mintel, this focus on health is a form of expression for brands. They can inspire, motivate and support. Here, professionals (in the beauty industry, for example) are stepping out of their role. The goal is not (only) to sell a product, “but to have a rich and resourcing dialogue.”

Collective responsibility
Today’s world is not yesterday’s (forgive the truism) and consumers have a vocation to change codes. But they are not always in dispute. “They want to support committed brands. Activism is on the rise,” explains Mintel.

Their beliefs have a direct impact on how they spend:
• 20% of Britons say they buy from retailers who share their values
• 47% of Brazilians say they are prepared to boycott brands in the event of unethical practices.

The place of brands is changing and they are expected to be involved in social issues. …

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