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Feb. 12, 2016Cosmetics in books

Nanomaterials and health and environmental risks Add to my portfolio
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In many fields, including cosmetics, manufacturers are increasingly turning to nanotechnologies, which receive substantial public and private funding. The health and environmental impacts of nanomaterials are still insufficiently known, but already very worrying adverse effects have been highlighted: they are proven toxic for human tissues and cells in culture. The large-scale release of nanoparticles into the environment is also problematic. But no real restrictions have so far been implemented by the public authorities. There is no reliable traceability or labelling: it is currently impossible to identify the vast majority of products currently marketed containing nanomaterials.

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Presentation of the publisher Better informing civil society is the work of the Association de veille et d'information civique sur les enjeux des nanosciences et des nanotechnologies (AVICENNN). This book is particularly aimed at citizens, associations involved in the consumer, health and environmental sectors, as well as actors in the field of occupational health. So that you can be vigilant at home, during your shopping and at work! Available on the Internet Nanomaterials and health and environmental risks , Association Avicenn, éditions Yves Michel (2016), 64 pages, 7 €.

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