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March 25, 2016Cosmetics in books

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In this book, Sophie Lacoste has compiled her best beauty recipes and those of the readers of Rebelle-Santé magazine. Discover her tips and tricks for face, body, hands, feet, hair… More than 350 recipes tested and approved to be beautiful from head to toe!

Reading time : ~ 1 minutes

The author Sophie Lacoste, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Rebel-Health also holds the health section of TV Magazine for over 20 years and is particularly interested in natural remedies. She is already the author of numerous books on this theme such as My Natural Beauty Notebook and Skin ailments published by Mosaïque-Santé.

Available in bookstores and on the Internet
Beauty Secrets , Sophie Lacoste, editions Leduc.s (2016), 208 pages, 7 €.

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