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Sporting an elegant black – or coloured! – line on the upper lid is one of the makeup fundamentals to absolutely manage. This classic technique embellishes the gaze day or night, and it is never too much. The only drawback is that tracing a perfect, straight line to get the prettiest comma requires advanced skills. Luckily, the cosmetics industry has more than one trick up its sleeve: those of us with two left hands have not been forgotten! Here is a short review of today’s gadgets for you to boast Cleopatra’s eyes.

Reading time : ~ 6 minutes

Colorstay Exactify - Revlon

At first glance, Colorstay Excatify looks like an average eye product fitted with an applicator and reservoir. But instead of the usual brush, you will find a wheel.
The latest Revlon launch has been available online and in supermarkets since January 2018 for €10.95.

The wheel is rather small and thin, so you do not end up with too thick a line, at least not after the first gesture.
This product draws a line on the upper lip as well as a comma. Just slide the wheel from the internal eye corner to its extremity. The area is ready in one gesture.

Colorstay Exactify holds its promises. First, it is very pleasant to handle and use. Contrary to other standard eyeliners, the fingers act instinctively and self-confidently, a good point for an efficient line.
The wheel slides easily on the skin, does not get blocked up and creates no lumps. Just make sure it is not too soaked with product before the application.
Of course, to achieve perfect control, you will need to train a little, but you will quickly get the knack.
In addition, the eyeliner is long-lasting. No need for any retouch, the lid is ready for a whole day!

Vavavoom - The Vamp Stamp

Vavavoom is an inking stamp that can draw perfect cat’s eyes in no time. This concept comes from makeup artist and Beauty Blender co-founder Veronica Lorenz’s imagination.
The idea began to form in the creator’s mind after she learnt in 2013 that she had a benign tumour in the spinal cord, which had an impact on her hand strength. As a result, she tried to find a solution for those who do not know how to or cannot apply makeup like a professional.
Vavavoom is available in Sephora stores for €26.

Out of the packaging, the product looks like the Crayola inking stamps children are so fond of. Vavavoom is actually a slender pen fitted with two comma-shaped stamps, one for the right eye, the other for the left.
A tiny reservation: keep in mind that the ink is sold separately. But if you have eyeliner in a jar at home, you can definitely use it on the Vavavoom.
Just affix the liner colour you want on the stamp, and then apply it on the external lid corner. A small pressure will do the trick.

Cat’s eyes that easy to draw? How mouth-watering a pitch!
The most perilous phase lies in putting the stamp on the external lid corner. It is a little complicated to get two perfectly symmetrical lines on both sides.
It is not easy either to deliver the right dose of material on the Vavavoom. Either you put too much and it is a catastrophe, or there is not enough and the comma is not really marked.
In addition, the stamp is only used for drawing the comma. It proves useless when it comes to tracing the line on the lid!
Vavavoom is an interesting concept, but it does require a bit of training for optimum use.

Liner Designer - Beauty Blender

Last year, Beauty Blender, a brand renowned for its makeup sponges, launched a tool supposed to make it easier to draw the comma.
Liner Designer is a sort of small triangle made of fuchsia silicone which looks like a plectrum. All three sides of the object result in a different comma shape, more or less round or marked, according to your taste.
Just put it on the external lid corner and draw the line.
It is available online and in Sephora stores for €15.90.

It is recommended to warm up Liner Designer in your hands before use, so that it better adheres to the skin.
This object can be used with a khol pencil, eyeshadow applied on a bevelled brush, or a liner felt pen.

The solution developed by Beauty Blender is truly efficient: the line is neat and clean, there is no smudge, and you gain a lot of time – plus it offers the luxury of not having to cleanse your eyes hundreds of times, cursing your eyeliner.
This small triangle does stick to the skin, does not fall, and above all, can be removed without any pain – a good point!
Maybe the only difficulty lies in the application of Liner Designer on both eyes. It is always a little tricky to lay it the same way on both sides and get perfectly symmetrical a result.

Bye bye failed commas, inaccurate lines, and tantrums in front of the mirror. The least skilful of us will be delighted: the eyeliner is becoming democratic.
Left hands and doe-like eyes are finally reconciled, amen.


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