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International regulation: Thailand passes gels containing alcohol under the status of cosmetic products

Réglementation à l'international : la Thaïlande fait passer les gels contenant de l'alcool sous le statut des produits cosmétiques

As part of its partnership with CosmeticOBS, Business France announces that on March 11, 2020, the Thai Food and Drug Administration announced that gel products containing alcohol such as hand sanitizers will no longer be considered medical devices. These products were previously regulated as cosmetic products and will again be legally defined as such. This provision is intended to avoid shortages of alcohol-containing gels. In addition, it will allow these products to be placed on the market more quickly.

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The Thai Food and Drug Administration monitors, regulates and ensures that cosmetic standards comply with existing regulations. In addition, the FDA studies, researches and establishes regulations to promote quality and safety standards for cosmetic products. Finally, this authority promotes and improves the production, import and sale of cosmetics according to local standards and inspects, monitors and controls cosmetic companies in terms of advertising and compliance with standards and regulations.

The control of cosmetics in Thailand was implemented by the Cosmetic Act B.E. 2558 (2015), a law issued under the direction of the Food and Drug Administration. This cosmetic regulation covers pre-marketing (positive and negative lists of ingredients, labelling and claims, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), guidelines for quality and safety control, etc.) and post-marketing activities. Any product having pharmacological and therapeutic characteristics, affecting or altering the functions or structure of the human body or presenting itself as a pharmaceutical product, will not be classified as a cosmetic product and will therefore not be covered by these cosmetic regulations.

In this framework, gel products containing alcohol, currently considered as “cosmetics”, must be notified to the FDA before being imported into Thailand.

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