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Skin Microbiome Congress 2019: from research to cosmetic innovation

Congrès Skin Microbiome 2019 : de la recherche à l'innovation cosmétique

Translating microbiome research into revolutionary product portfolios in beauty and personal care: this is the purpose of the Skin Microbiome Congress, which will be held in London on 13 and 14 November 2019. On the agenda: the scientific data that guides product development and justifies claims, the keys to successful commercialization, a vision of the opportunities offered by the market. Two days of conferences with two tracks: scientific and commercial.

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Microbiome is one of the hottest trends of skincare, with an estimated 2.35 billion being spent on cosmetic product research and development in Europe. With the average consumer using 168 synthetic chemicals on their skin, the appeal of pre, pro and post biotics is increasingly appealing for multinational brands across beauty, personal care and pharma, as well as the emerging start-ups entering the industry. Strategic partnerships between academics and consumer goods companies are becoming the cornerstone to defining the industry.
The demand for greater proof of concept relating to the skin microbiome from customers, is being matched by a surge of companies publishing clinical data in order to validate their products.
From academia and pharmaceuticals to beauty and cosmetics, this congress brings together all those who are working to advance skin care in relation to the microbiome, in a series of conferences with two tracks of content to choose from - scientific data/research and commercial strategies to bring microbiome-based products to market.

Wednesday 13th November

Chairman opening remarks

Targeting mechanisms for ageing skin using bacterial lysates
Cath O’Neill, CEO SkinBio Therapeutics
• Discover the methodology for understanding the impact that your skincare product can have on the skin …

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