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The 2020 Cosmétagora formulas (4)

Les formules de Cosmétagora 2020 (4)

Just like every year, the Cosmétagora show organized by the SFC (French,Society of Cosmetology) last January 14-15, celebrated innovations in cosmetics formulation. Brands could find plenty of inspiration, both in,terms of product design and marketing concepts

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For the 2020 edition, several dozen exhibitors participated in the Formulatio Prize. This year, the theme chosen by the SFC targeted the Millenials. They are 20 years old, have their lives ahead of them but are not carefree. For them, cosmetics rhymes with ethics. Here is the exhaustive list of participants, in alphabetical order (from E to I) and the presentations they made of their candidate formulas.

This natural moisturizing concentrate offers everyone a unique and customizable experience. It consists of its natural and eco-friendly cream based on our NC MB dermofeel. This simple and robust base will allow you to adjust the desired level of hydration thanks to its concentrated oil booster.
This perception of richness is visibly reflected in the cream’s colouring. Very simple to use: use a small amount of the base cream to which you can add the desired amount of booster to reach the level of hydration you need.
A base for everyone, a different final product for everyone!
Use this treatment according to your mood: the base alone as a moisturizer, the combination with the booster for a rich treatment or the booster alone as a pure moisturizing serum.
This concept can be …

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