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The 2020 Cosmétagora formulas (9)

Les formules de Cosmétagora 2020 (9)

As every year, the Formulation Prize is held on the sidelines of the Cosmétagora trade fair. One more opportunity for exhibitors to highlight their assets. For the 2020 edition, the participants focused on the young generation. The challenge of the competition? To propose a finished product that meets the lifestyle of the Millenials.

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Last part of our saga dedicated to the Formulation Prize 2020. For the 6th edition of the competition, the Millenials are in the spotlight. This is not surprising considering the place they occupy on the cosmetics scene. Each participant was invited to come up with a concept that would appeal to the Y generation… as demanding as it is committed.
Here is the complete list of participants, in alphabetical order (U to V) and the presentations they made of their candidate formulas.

An uncomplexed cosmetic with novel galenics and playfulness reigns over Instagram.
Unipex offers you a slime mask.
Dip your finger in this glittering black jelly, spread it in a thin layer on the skin and leave to dry for 5 minutes.
Then remove by tapping.
The texture turns into a slime under the finger. Remove the product in a fun way. Rinse with water.
Combined sensorial experience and product effectiveness: Magic anti-stress texture combined with effective active ingredients. The texture is slippery and slims on application.
Once applied, it transforms into a slime to be removed.
• Slime texture obtained thanks to a specific association of locust bean gum and xanthan (Algogel® SCG 2081) coupled with a …

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