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Valentine’s Day without Valentine: a three-step guide Add to my portfolio
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It is the same old story every year: as soon as February shows up, all stores get adorned with heart-shaped decorations to announce the arrival of Valentine’s Day. If celebrating love is indeed a charming concept as such, not everyone appreciates it that much. This year, rather than looking for comfort in the arms of your loved one – especially if he is a most notable absentee… – why not find it with cosmetics?

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Here is our top 3 of the most cocooning rituals to pamper yourself and show how much you love and care about yourself!

Turn your bathroom into a hammam

What is more pleasant than coming back home after an exhausting day and lounging in your bath – or shower for the least lucky of you?
It is actually quite simple to give your bathroom an air of oriental spa:
• Leave the tap on for a few long minutes to get real warm water
• Get your whole body real wet – but avoid scalding yourself, obviously
• Spread black soap everywhere on your body, leave it on, and then rinse it off
Then just stay in the room full of steam and carry on with scrubbing, preferably with a massage glove. The gesture should be frank and quick, but do not tear out your skin! Dead skin and other impurities will gradually get removed.
Once the ‘rubbing’ step is over and done with, it only remains for you to thoroughly rinse your body off. To soothe your reddened skin, it is highly recommended to use shower foam or any other product with a light, floaty texture.
Last step: wrap your body with cream to really moisturize it.
Result? Your skin has never been that soft – and for so long – and you have had a real moment of relaxation without risking any faux pas… Much more pleasant than a candlelit dinner, is it not? 

Prepare yourself an oil bath

In the category of ‘highly efficient, not really glamorous beauty rituals’, you have the oil bath. If it is perfect to nourish your hair and provide it with a treatment worthy of its name, it does give it a real shiny aspect when it is applied. And since the ‘oily hair’ look is not trendy yet, a solo Valentine’s Day is a golden opportunity for it.
Once again, nothing that complicated here. Choose a type of oil adapted to your skin problems, (argan, olive, jojoba…) and apply it on your whole hair length. Careful, there is no need to empty the whole bottle on your head either! Leave it on for several hours (do not try and listen to All You Need is Love meanwhile…), and then rinse it off and thoroughly wash your hair to remove any oily residue. Some purists leave it on all night, but it is absolutely not required. If you want to boost the effect of oils, it is recommended to wrap your hair in Cellophane (what a look! – Is it not glamorous? So what?)
Your hair is soft and shiny, enough to be all the rage the next day at work.

Provide your feet with a little tenderness

Valentine’s Day is a love celebration, so instead of spending it with someone that is not worth it, it is the right moment to show a bit of attention and gratitude to those that put up with us and (literally) support us throughout the year: our dear little feet.
No doubt they are one of the least sexy body parts: feet have nine lives.
Of course, they wear nail varnish in summer, but they are a complete failure in winter. Confined in their shoes, jeopardized by extreme temperatures, victims of callosities, blisters, and other roughness, they still do not require much time to be taken care of. (Great, we do have some time tonight!)
They will appreciate being immersed in a hot bath perfumed with a few drops of essential oils (lavender or eucalyptus for relaxation). Then, time to remove dead cells with a pumice stone.
Once you have got them rid of these unwanted calluses, they will be in seventh heaven if you apply a foot treatment.
If the idea of a foot massage is not appealing to everyone (still, a real Foot Massage does motivate a few!), there are sock-shaped masks available. Just put them on and there you have it. Be careful not to walk when you use this type of product though, it can get quite slippery.
In addition to spend Valentine’s Day alone, you would be sorry to end up in hospital (no, although they are real charming, nice nurses do not need additional, useless work!).

On your own, as a couple, if you are having an argument with your loved one or get on perfectly well with each other, Valentine’s Day 2018 will be the day that celebrates… self-love! After all, charity begins at home: this needed to be said.

By: a journalist disappointed with love… but far from desperate, she has already thought about your next Valentine’s Day with a fab makeup tutorial before your ‘once-in-a-lifetime-date’!

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