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When coronavirus annoys young brands

Quand le coronavirus contrarie les jeunes marques

When you set up your own company, you anticipate a lot of things, you anticipate certain risks, but you don’t necessarily think that an international pandemic will thwart your plans. However, Covid-19 has delayed the launch of several brands. At a meeting organized by the WEG, several designers were able to share their experiences and explain how they bounced back from this exceptional situation.

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They are five (two pairs and one creator alone, editor’s note) standing in front of a masked assembly, respecting the distancing, but curious to know how they lived the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, as young entrepreneurs.

It is the founders of Pomponne who speak first. Charline Robert and Agathe Ettori Chadelas are both doctors of pharmacy and met five years ago at Garancia. They fell in love at first sight with each other professionally and ended up starting their own business.
They invented Pomponne, a green, clean, vegan, eco-responsible make-up brand that offers a “care” benefit.
In order to best meet the needs of their consumers, they open an Instagram account. “It was the most obvious way for us to be in contact with our users and to co-imagine with them products that suit them. Our Pomponnettes are 100% part of the creation process.”“ The project is launched and the fundraising campaign on the Ulule website is scheduled to begin on March 20, with a line of seven lipsticks.
At that very moment, France begins its fourth day of containment.
”At first, we were lost. We had absolutely no expectation of this,"
they remember. “We naturally turned to our …

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