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Jan. 22, 2020 | Cosmetic trends

When the cosmetics industry displays its transparency approach on packaging pro

To fight against bad buzz and restore consumer confidence, the cosmetics industry has chosen to be less opaque and to say more about how it works. Some brands have decided to share important elements, such as the deciphering of the INCI list, directly on the packaging of their products.

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When the cosmetics industry displays its transparency approach on packaging
22 Jan. 2020 Cosmetic trends

When the cosmetics industry displays its transparency approach on packaging pro

To fight against bad buzz and restore consumer confidence, the cosmetics industry has chosen to be less opaque and to say more about how it works. Some brands have decided to share important elements, such as the deciphering of the INCI list, directly on the packaging of their products.

Personalization: to infinity and beyond
14 Jan. 2020 Cosmetic trends

Personalization: to infinity and beyond pro

As every year in January, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas. This show outlines the technological innovations that will be able to come into being. All industries participate, including the cosmetics industry. At the 2020 edition, L’Oréal and L’Occitane distinguished themselves by presenting “futuristic” projects on the axis ...

GlobalData's 4 beauty trends for 2020
06 Jan. 2020 Cosmetic trends

GlobalData's 4 beauty trends for 2020 pro

What should we be prepared for in terms of consumer expectations in 2020? According to GlobalData, the focus will be on holistic wellness and natural and environmental approaches, in an increasingly green context. The data analyst firm has identified four strong trends that are expected to dominate this year.

11 Dec. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Microbiome through the lens of social networks pro

The beneficial role of microbiome is widely demonstrated and many researchers around the world agree. But to develop new care, consumer opinion and expectations are essential. This is why BASF, a supplier of cosmetic ingredients, closely monitors market desires in order to offer relevant products. At the Skin Microbiome 2019 in London ...

Cosmetics 360's start-ups
30 Oct. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Cosmetics 360's start-ups pro

Organized in Paris on October 16 and 17 at the Carrousel du Louvre, the Cosmetics 360 exhibition brought together all the players in the cosmetics industry. Raw material manufacturers, packaging suppliers, trade associations and leading companies were among the participants… but that’s not all. New brands also came to present their projects. Here are three of ...

Clever Beauty: a brand of varnish that bears its name well
10 Oct. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Clever Beauty: a brand of varnish that bears its name well

The varnish is at the top of the list of cosmetic products that we rarely manage to finish. There are several reasons for this phenomenon: too large capacities, a lack of time or rigour to apply it… or too short brushes that do not reach the bottom of the bottle. ...

Green and clean: what do consumers want?
09 Oct. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Green and clean: what do consumers want?

Today, the one who makes the rules is the one who pays. Increasingly suspicious of industrialists and committed to the planet, he is uncompromising about the quality and ethics of what he buys. While formulating and communicating can quickly turn into a headache for brands, Pascale Brousse, founder of the ...

Focus on beauty trends in Asia
08 Oct. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Focus on beauty trends in Asia

An iconic continent of beauty, Asia is often at the forefront of cosmetic innovations. At an event organized by CEW France on September 24 in Paris, Florence Bernardin, founder of Informations Inspirations, highlighted five major cosmetic trends in the Asian market.

Decoding the Asian market
01 Oct. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Decoding the Asian market

For 30 years, Florence Bernardin, founder of the trend firm Informations Inspirations, has been interested in the Asian market and more particularly in the way beauty is enjoyed. As a genuine specialist in the subject, she analysed consumer habits and cosmetic trends at an event organised by the CEW on 24 September in Paris.

Retail: make yourself at home
10 Sept. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Retail: make yourself at home! pro

The advent of e-commerce has dug the grave of in-store sales because of the many advantages it offers. However, physical distribution has not yet had its last word and intends to offer consumers a shopping experience that is impossible to live online and… as pleasant as at home.

Beauty with variable shapes
09 Sept. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Beauty with variable shapes

Faced with a changing society, the canons of beauty are changing in turn. However, these new aesthetics are not yet 100% represented in the media and in the cosmetics industry. To make things happen, Virginie Bapaume, director of the Ivy Agency event agency, created the Prix de la Beauté Plurielle. She ...

Ecoresponsibility by Aptar
02 Sept. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Ecoresponsibility by Aptar pro

Due to the climatic challenges, industrialists are called upon to propose sustainable solutions that are more respectful of nature. Aptar, a specialist in distribution systems for the cosmetics/perfumery sector, is one of those companies committed to these environmental issues, both in terms of the products it offers and its internal ...

Bulk cosmetics: a booming market
28 Aug. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Bulk cosmetics: a booming market pro

In recent years, dry food distributors have flourished in supermarkets. Slowly but surely, cosmetics is getting down to it, in a concern to fight waste and respect the environment. Réseau Vrac, a professional organization dedicated to promoting bulk sales in France, gave some advice to beauty manufacturers interested in this ...

Decrypting new identity issues
27 Aug. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Decrypting new identity issues pro

Fully satisfying the needs of its consumers is part of the cosmetics industry’s mission. But before knowing their expectations, it is necessary to know who they are. Not always obvious, given the speed with which the company evolves. Audrey Roulin, from the Nelly Rodi agency, shared the major societal changes ...

23 July 2019 Cosmetic trends

Which eco-design for luxury packaging? pro

What are the codes for luxury packaging? What is the place of packaging in the perception of luxury? What is the role of size, packaging weight and colour in the perception of a product’s luxurious character? What are consumers’ expectations in terms of eco-design for packaging in this luxury universe? ...

The cosmetics market decoded by the consulting agency FutureBrand
22 July 2019 Cosmetic trends

The cosmetics market decoded by the consulting agency FutureBrand pro

Every day, new trends appear and shake up the codes of the cosmetics industry. Manon Paga is a Strategic Planner for the FutureBrand agency. For CosmeticOBS, she deciphered the essential trends of the moment and shared her vision, in the more or less short term, of the beauty industry. Interview.

Deposit is chic!
16 July 2019 Cosmetic trends

Deposit is chic! pro

Like many manufacturers, beauty professionals are ready to take action and take concrete actions to improve the society in which we all live. This is the theme of the “commitment” that was chosen by the FEBEA for the holding of its General Assembly in Paris on 25 June 2019. Not surprisingly, the environmental ...

Men's fragrances: a concentrate of success
10 July 2019 Cosmetic trends

Men's fragrances: a concentrate of success

Estimated at a total value of 205 million euros according to The NPD Group (data for the period from January to the end of May 2019), the men’s fragrance market represents an important category of selective beauty in France. By way of comparison, the market value of men’s fragrances was almost half as ...

Green Beauty is on the move!
03 July 2019 Cosmetic trends

The Green Beauty is on the move!

Twenty years ago, the trend of organic and natural beauty was struggling to find its way onto the cosmetic scene. Today, it is in the forefront and many consumers are now swearing by it. On the occasion of a morning of conferences organized by the distributor Ami Ingrédients around the ...

Top 100 Megabrands, by Euromonitor
13 March 2019 Cosmetic trends

Top 100 Megabrands, by Euromonitor pro

Euromonitor International has just published its Top 100 consumer goods brands, including cosmetics brands. 25 of them are in this Top 100, in second place after packaged food, which has 41 in it. It is still L’Oréal that dominates in the cosmetics sector, with 5th place in the general classification, and 1st in the cosmetic classification.

The baby cosmetics boom in China
12 March 2019 Cosmetic trends

The baby cosmetics boom in China pro

According to new research from market intelligence agency Mintel, China’s babies are getting more pampered than ever. Over the past five years, China’s baby personal care market has witnessed rapid development, with the relaxation of the one-child policy and premiumisation, seeing total sales grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth ...

CEW Wearisma White paper
28 Feb. 2019 Cosmetic trends

CEW France and Wearisma analyse cosmetic influence marketing pro

Cosmetic brands are increasingly capitalizing on influence marketing to promote their products and portray their image on social networks. Using influencers has almost become a requirement to stand out from consumers, but it is still necessary to know where to turn or what kind of content is really creating a ...

French cosmetics exports still on the rise
25 Feb. 2019 Cosmetic trends

French cosmetics exports still on the rise

According to a press release from the FEBEA (Federation of Beauty Companies), French cosmetics exports surpassed the 14.5 billion euro mark in 2018 (+6.3% compared to 2017). The sector has a positive trade balance of €11.2 billion, up almost 6.6% compared to 2017. The sector maintains its position on the podium of French exports after aeronautics and wines and ...

Kantar's logo
21 Feb. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Kantar Worldpanel reviews the 2018 beauty market

What happened on the cosmetics market in 2018? What are the new consumer behaviours? Which distribution sectors are on the rise? All these questions are crucial for professionals in the cosmetics industry. The consulting agency, Kantar Worldpanel, represented by Anaïs Dupuy, came to provide answers at a meeting organised by the ...

American YouTuber Manny Mua
21 Jan. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Make-up for men is becoming a trend

By small touches, the men put on make-up. Foundation, gloss or eyebrow pen: make-up is invading the shelves of more and more men. Covering, coloured, sequined or more discreet like concealer, it broadens the field of masculine possibilities and arouses the interest of brands.

Microbiome and metagenomics
16 Jan. 2019 Cosmetic trends

Microbiome and metagenomics: the link with products for the skin pro

The marketing of cosmetic products requires mastery of their regulation, but also a good knowledge of disciplines as varied as biology, physiology, galenic, toxicology, physicochemistry, microbiology… However, a scientific discipline can provide valuable information and thus be added to this list: metagenomics!

20 Nov. 2018 Cosmetic trends

Minimalist cosmetics: what's new in the United States and South Korea?

The trend may be well established, but it is still declining. Cosmetic minimalism has many facets and many of them come from the other side of the globe. During the third Formul’Tech organised by the CED on 30 October 2018 in Lyon, Elina Tran, project manager at Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation and Amélia Makoundou, ...

07 Nov. 2018 Cosmetic trends

Minimalism takes over cosmetics pro

More and more consumers now are demanding ethical products from the cosmetics industry that are good for their skin and nature. Professionals in the sector can only be attentive to these expectations. Sébastien Mendes, marketing engineer at Gattefossé, presented one of the answers with his vision of minimalism in cosmetics ...

Mathilde Lion - NPD
06 Nov. 2018 Cosmetic trends

Prestige fragrances: trends and outlooks pro

During a conference given at LuxePack Monaco 2018, Mathilde Lion, Europe Industry Beauty Expert of the market research firm NPD, presented the trends in the Prestige fragrance market in Europe and North America. An opportunity to highlight the drivers of growth and the resulting opportunities for companies.

Tailor-made cosmetics
05 Nov. 2018 Cosmetic trends

"Tailor-made" in cosmetics: an unavoidable trend pro

“Personalization”, everyone swears by that term nowadays. Faced with the plethoric cosmetic offer, more and more consumers are looking for treatments that are specifically suited to their skin problem. The cosmetics industry intends to respond to the needs of its customers. Lætitia Tetedoux, marketing consultant, gave an update on the ...

More unique fragrances thanks to AI?
30 Oct. 2018 Cosmetic trends

More unique fragrances thanks to AI?

According to Richard Goodwin, the principal research scientist on an IBM project studying how to use AI for product - specifically perfume - composition, the skill that takes perfumers ten or more years to develop may be learned quicker and more precisely by Artificial Intellience (AI).

Happy Ageing analyzed by Alcimed
09 Oct. 2018 Cosmetic trends

Happy Ageing: the new cosmetic concept to better conquer the seniors

Senior people represent a high-potential market for the cosmetics industry. The proportion of people over 60 years of age will increase by a factor of 2.5 by 2050 to reach 33% of the world’s population. Moreover, the purchasing power of seniors remains high, they are less cautious about spending, driven by the desire to have a new ...

Jiang Cheng is seen recording video at his home in Beijing.
27 Aug. 2018 Cosmetic trends

China: male cosmetics booming

When Jiang Cheng first tried a bit of concealer during his first year of university in China it gave him self-confidence and he was instantly hooked. Now he is among hundreds of Chinese men sharing beauty tips online and cashing in on the booming male cosmetics industry.

young woman
06 June 2018 Cosmetic trends

5 tips to adopt the no-makeup technique

For the arrival of the beautiful days, what better than to wear a flawless and natural mine? No-makeup is the ideal technique. Contrary to what its name suggests, it is not a matter of banning the use of make-up but a nude and light beauty.

person who's perfuming itself
04 June 2018 Cosmetic trends

New perfume gestures

Cushions, sticks, waxes, oils, all-over mists… To seduce young generations, the perfume industry reinvents the way we perfume ourselves, with new materials to create new gestures. From now on, skin feel, sensoriality, and intimacy have a bigger role to play in these comfy, caress galenics.

Business France & Cosmed Logos with malaysian flag
30 May 2018 Cosmetic trends

Halal cosmetics, an emerging trend in Malaysia pro

If the cosmetics industry is unaffected by the crisis, it should still renew itself and adapt to new consumer expectations. In a country with a large Muslim population, it is essential to offer beauty alternatives in line with consumers’ beliefs. Here is a trend-deciphering interview with Lyslie Legendre, Head of ...

woman who sleeps
23 May 2018 Cosmetic trends


Of course, night is supposed to be the moment when we sleep, but it is also ideal to take care of your skin, and the cosmetics industry has understood that perfectly well. New textures, new sizes… brands vie with inventiveness by offering targeted creams to apply at night.

woman getting her makeup done
09 May 2018 Cosmetic trends

Cosmetics in the service of the sick

Anyone can develop a critical illness, anytime in their lives. The pathway in hospital and the care needs can be demanding, both physically and psychologically. A few beauty players have decided to take action for the sick, by offering them a cosmetics approach specially designed for them.

25 April 2018 Cosmetic trends

The bride’s beauty schedule

At the dawn of spring, many couples are getting ready to say yes after long months dedicated to organizing their wedding. Once the biggest of the preparations are settled, the"bride-to-be" must not neglect the essential beauty rituals to shine a thousand lights during the ceremony. Make-up tests, skin care, manicure: ...

man at the barber shop
18 April 2018 Cosmetic trends

Cosmetics are also about men

Men’s products are nothing new, but their perception by consumers long remained obscure. Today, gentlemen give more importance to their own image and are more inclined to use beauty products to take care of themselves – starting with their hairs…

09 April 2018 Cosmetic trends

Two-thirds of urban chinese consumers say lifestyle factors cause their facial skin conditions

A Mintel study shows that two-thirds (66%) of urban Chinese consumers aged 20-49 with skin conditions say lifestyle is a major factor in these illnesses. Because of their traditional mentality, these consumers are more likely to change their lifestyle (72%) and pay more attention to daily facial care (71%) before taking additional ...

bottles of cosmetics below the sign of the pharmacy
04 April 2018 Cosmetic trends

When cosmetics meets pharmaceutics

It seems it is a short step from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals. In addition to the beauty offering that flourishes in pharmacy departments, there is also a boom of skincare products with pharmaceutical expertise. Where does this trend come from and why does it work so well? Here are a few ...