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Jan. 30, 2018Cosmetic trends

2018 new Cosmétagora formulas (2) Add to my portfolio
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Just like every year, the Cosmétagora show organized by the SFC (French Society of Cosmetology) last January 9-10, celebrated innovations in cosmetics formulation. Brands could find plenty of inspiration, both in terms of product design and marketing concepts

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Second part of our article,  2018 new Cosmétagora formulas (1)

Formulas presented (C to E)


A ‘skin in the skin’

The richness of a balm, the fluidity of milk: this texture reconciles nutrition and lightness. Its peach colour with verdant reflections turns into a bluish emulsion when it is applied on the skin.
Gac oil is dispersed with high pressures to form a nano-emulsion with the ‘fruit of Paradise’.
Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and lycopene made bioavailable in the dermis, vectorized Gac oil creates an antioxidant shield.
Penetration is controlled for even more efficacy, and the formula contains few, non-toxic and natural ingredients for more safety.
Thanks to this in-depth biomimetic system, the skin becomes softer and plumper. It is intensely nourished and beautified for an instantaneous second-skin effect.
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 1) Moisturize your hands and face with only one product in only one gesture, without having to wash your hands afterwards.
 2) In addition, act responsibly: protect the planet and help communities thanks to a 99% natural formula containing a texturing agent based on sustainable, responsible red seaweed.
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CLR Berlin

Positively probiotic serum
The skin’s health and healthy aspect are major concerns for today’s consumers. Older women in particular show more positive when it comes to aging.
Anti-aging now depends on the skin’s wellness, and the fight against the signs of time has been replaced by well-aging. The ‘anti’ days are over.
As a result, the cosmetics industry needs to adapt to these new challenges.
The skin’s health and appearance require a completely different approach from the ‘anti’ trend that was so dominating recently.
Our serum was developed following this new approach.
Every ingredient in the formula has a role to play, which helped us remove any unnecessary element and make this serum ‘clean’ and specific.
The lysate of probiotic bacteria provides support to the skin cells, helping them improve their ability to quickly and efficiently renew the skin. The reinforced and healthy skin looks soft and radiant. Our serum also contains a suspension of waxy fine particles that get organized on the skin surface to form a non-occlusive protective film. The skin is protected against environmental damages, while remaining soft and silky. A low quantity of pigments illuminates the complexion on top of the actives, making the serum ideal for a daily day ritual. It can also be used as a primer or in cloth masks.
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Peelable water-based nail varnish.
No solvent! No smell! No nail varnish remover! This nail varnish is based on water. The Baycusan® C 1004 film-forming agent used provides an even colour, shininess, and long wear. Its excellent peelability property helps remove the varnish without using any remover.
Since it does not contain any solvent, it is totally safe for use. An ideal nail varnish for children to have fun safely!
For women, it is also the perfect solution for coloured nails at a party! Very easy-to-use: apply an even nail varnish layer. Let dry. If needed, apply a second layer. Make sure you close the bottle after use.
Remove the nail varnish, unstick it from one corner of the nail and gently pull.
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Consumers look for simple products based on well-known, reassuring ingredients.
At the same time, they search for original, surprising, efficient, and ethical products. That is the challenge we decided to take up with this high-protection fluid free from any organic filter.
Behind its milky aspect, this formula becomes a transparent oil when it is applied on the skin.
Despite more than 25% solid particles, the texture is highly fluid and offers a light skin feel inspired from Asian trends.
This essential property lies in the perfect control of the particle sizes in dispersions Solaveil Clarus CT300 and CZ300 added to the formula. It guarantees the texture and aesthetics performance without any compromise.
Obtained with a cold process with Ecocert-certified and globally approved filters, this high-protection, simple, safe, and efficient fluid protects the skin while preserving the environment.
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Daito Kasei

Gastronomy and cosmetics are so close, DAITO KASEI EUROPE developed a real visual delicacy with this black mask that will delight any sensitive skin.
Thanks to its botanical charcoal and modified starch combination, the ‘caviar’ texture of the recipe helps gently remove impurities and toxins to leave the face purified and radiant.
The anti-wrinkle, moisturizing plant-derived active will satisfy all consumers in search of an all-in-one formula for a daily use.
Thanks to the caviar mask, offer your skin gentle detoxification and regeneration for a comfy sensation!
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BEAUTYDESIGNER is a minimalist, playful, travel size, and highly customizable skincare concept. Every user designs their own skincare product according to their desires, needs, and benefits wanted.
It is presented in the form of:
• A Gel Base with a matte texture to provide freshness and lightness during the application
• Three Activ’films, a natural matrix soaked with actives
This matrix is a new support for actives. It is composed of specific polysaccharides that form a resistant, supple, oxygen-proof film. Sensitive active molecules may be incorporated to it and stabilized. It can be easily dispersed in water for more unctuosity and a slight firming effect.
By melting in the Gel Base, Activ’film releases the actives protected in its structure. This ‘minute’ skincare product delivers the ideal dose of active molecules for optimum efficacy on your skin. 10 ingredients, 7 active combinations, 1 skincare product that best suits you: unique.
Its application leaves the skin silky and well-nourished.
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Transforming Power Serum:
• To meet an increasing consumer need for simpler but just as efficient formulas, this formula has a wow effect and only contains 10 ingredients
• A quick break from a solid to a serum texture for a surprising sensorial experience
• The texture turns into a fresh, evanescent skincare-serum when it is applied on the skin to offer maximum comfort
• A short list of ingredients but optimum efficacy thanks to two powerful, multifunctional actives: BEAUACTIVE® (hydroxystearic acid) and NIACINAMIDE PC (vitamin B3)
• Reduces the appearance of pores and pigment spots and evens out the complexion. The skin seems to radiate with new youth.
BEAUACTIVE® is the key element that contributes to the efficacy and particular texture of this formula
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Dr Straetmans

This ‘Naturally unctuous body balm’ is presented in the form of an O/W emulsion which goes beyond the limits of a standard formula. The minimalist, natural composition based on ten perfectly selected and combined ingredients provides a smooth and silky skin feel.
When it is applied on the skin, the oily phase is released through a quick-break effect to instantaneously create a melting, refreshing sensation.
With a relaxing massage, the two oils with complementary sensorial profiles penetrate the skin and nourish it in depth.
Result: a velvety, soft, non-sticky skin feel.
All current trends involve natural, spa, and wellness products. With its luxurious and seducing sensoriality, the ‘Naturally unctuous body balm’ meets all these demands with only ten ingredients.
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Evonik Industries

Essential Elegance Face Care: simplicity in the service of performance.
Want a silicone-free quick-break? Here is our solution: a transforming texture cold-formulated with 100% natural ingredients.
Sophisticated but minimalist, developed to meet the needs of skins that lack hydration. Simply.
The elegant texture of this cream provides a surprising sensation: when it is applied on the skin, this water/oil emulsion breaks down into visible water droplets for a hydrating, refreshing effect on the skin.
This quick-break formula only contains seven ingredients, water included. The emulsion is stabilized with our new, Cosmos-, RSPO-, Halal-certified water/oil emulsifier: ISOLAN 17. It provides great formulation changeability (sprayable sun care, foundation), which makes it possible to obtain transforming textures.
Once the water droplets have disappeared, the emulsion leaves a light, but comfortable sensation. This skin feel is mainly due to the complementarity of two natural esters: one provides the nourishing effect, the other the velvety skin feel, the Exsymol dermofeel sensolv.
The ‘anti-stress’ essential adds a specialty with global anti-aging effects: treatment against discomfort and the skin consequences related to stress and the exposome.
As a real cosmetics alternative to collagen and hyaluronic acid micro-injections, it prevents the epidermis from getting too thin and stimulates hyalurosome, a sort of cell process that produces natural hyaluronic acid.
Its flagship active based on silicon and hyaluronic acid suits all skin types. For example, it can protect and repair fragile and atopic skins very sensitive to cortisol, which bears the evocative name of stress hormone and triggers the skin’s premature aging.
It guarantees optimum hydration and normalizes the skin barrier and regeneration functions particularly affected in the event of skin problems related to stress, like psoriasis.
With its soft texture and fresh and pure sensoriality, it invites you for a real moment of relaxation, an essential break of wellness. Perfume-free, its olfactory silence leaves room for sensorial imagination, in harmony with your own perceptions and needs.
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