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Jan. 14, 2020 | Cosmetic trends

Personalization: to infinity and beyond pro

As every year in January, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas. This show outlines the technological innovations that will be able to come into being. All industries participate, including the cosmetics industry. At the 2020 edition, L’Oréal and L’Occitane distinguished themselves by presenting “futuristic” projects on the axis of connected and personalized beauty.

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19 Sept. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Cosmetics for men: a step to parity?

Previously narrow, the offer of cosmetics for men is now growing at a strong pace, thanks to Asia. New brands, programmes and types of products, which could be as many as women’s. A presentation of this market was provided by Nathalie Chevrot, the Men Department Manager, in SEPPIC, during the 2013 Beyond ...

05 Sept. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Standard or Luxury? Brand perceptions around the world

As consumer products expand their global boundaries, it is important to track how luxury brands are perceived across different regions and markets, specifically how these perceptions relate to trends in buying behaviors. To better understand perceptions of luxury brands and luxury brand buying practices, Passport Survey reached out to Euromonitor ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
04 Sept. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Dry shampoo, the new deal!

Though already used in the ‘70s, dry shampoo, fallen into disuse for a long time, makes a noteworthy come-back since 2011. The majors of hair-care positioned themselves on this segment, and propose now scented, coloured or volumising versions. This is an Anglo-Saxon trend that mess habits, but is still a micro-market ...

Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
03 Sept. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Retailers often underutilize customer data

According to a recent study by A.T. Kearney, there are many underutilized sources of customer data and retailers should increase their investment in the technology and skills to take advantage of these data sources. For example, less than half of retailers collect social network data from third-party domains, and just ...

Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
22 Aug. 2013 Cosmetic trends

France: the perfume feels the crisis, facial care still the market leader

After the market research firm Canadean, the shoppers cutting back on expenses, currently more inclined to save than to indulge themselves, has an impact on the French perfume market growth. Despite rapid growth displayed by the Hand Care sector, Facial Care will continue to lead the Skincare market in France ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
20 Aug. 2013 Cosmetic trends

BB creams: the cosmetic Swiss army knife

BB creams have spread the world over, even going from skin-care to hair-care. A study by DataMonitor analyses this phenomena, a mix of cutting-end technology, convenience, time-saving … and increased revenues.

Fotolia/CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
13 Aug. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Organic cosmetics market (2012-2018) pro

This market study by Transparency Market Research (TMR) is now available on-line. It deals with the entire world, including North America, Europe, Asia and even Brazil; it takes into account skin- and hair-care, oral-care products and other cosmetics, and offers analyses country by country and segment by segment.

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06 Aug. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Selective beauty: the French women's dazzling eyes

The NPD Group provides market information and advisory services; it has released the results from the sales of the selective beauty of the first half of 2013 in France. In spite of receding figures of the Prestige Beauty market during the 2013 first half, the products for eye-care maintain their growth and posted positive ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
01 Aug. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Vive la différence ? Professional Beauty in France (Kline)

La belle France, a country with a strong aesthetic tradition, widely admired for its taste in style, luxury, and beauty, and where those with an eye for professional primping à la Française continue to pamper themselves – albeit with notable moderation finds a Kline's research on professional skin care, beauty ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
25 July 2013 Cosmetic trends

Euromonitor Country Report: Beauty and Personal Care in China

Euromonitor International released in April 2013 its report on the latest market trends and sources of future market growth for the Beauty and Personal Care industry in China. A help to find hidden opportunities in the most current research data available, to understand competitive threats along with a detailed market analysis, and ...

24 July 2013 Cosmetic trends

Cosmetics: is media coverage means better sales?

What are the beauty products that got the most media coverage in 2012? Did consumers follow the trends launched by journals? Kantar Media News Intelligence and Kantar WorldPanel have analyzed the presence of personal-care products in 115 media,  and scrutinised the purchasing of 35,000 French people in this sector.

15 July 2013 Cosmetic trends

Women change their relationship with brands

Socio-economic context, “social web” burst: after the “Portraits de Femmes” (“Women’s Portrayals”) study, by the Kantar Media agency, the European female consumer changes and deeply modifies her relationship with brands since six years. The “rational” brand prevails over the “emotional” brand. A study, performed in France, Spain, Germany and Great ...

Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
10 July 2013 Cosmetic trends

The exfoliating mask

Ideal to prepare one’s skin for tanning and to clean it prior leaving for holidays, or to maintain its fitness all-the-year-round, this two-in-one, smart, full of resources product follows in the footsteps of the multi-purposes products, so sought-after since some time. An explanation, by Ariane Le Febvre.

The Observatory of Cosmetics
03 July 2013 Cosmetic trends

Global At-home Beauty Devices Market: Room for Growth

Beauty is increasingly homemade. Validating the progressing DIY beauty trend, the at-home beauty devices market is pulsing with potential. However, despite near 22% growth globally in 2012, with underdeveloped markets and skin care needs such as anti-aging and cellulite/body toning yet to be comprehensively addressed, the market’s potential is still being realized ...

17 June 2013 Cosmetic trends

Make-up: Summertime in Technicolor

Tangerine orange, blue lagoon, spring green, sweet pink, lemon yellow…over and done with smoky eyes and the nude simplicity; make-up is prickly for the coming summer. Joyful colours, bright colours and novel harmonious textures are the rules. Pop along with peps.

Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
10 June 2013 Cosmetic trends

Women and their relationship with their bodies

During its Beauty study, the French polling organization IFOP interviewed more than 8,000 women: this study was made in a mature market (France) and two emergent ones (China and Russia), in order to identify the main issues of the relationship between women and their bodies, and to highlight the opportunities of innovations ...

06 June 2013 Cosmetic trends

Men's Grooming: Innovation & Trends targeted at Men

According to latest research from Mintel, Men’s grooming is growing at a healthy pace. While the category is still dominated by Asia, western countries are participating to the rise of the category too with strong sales in the US.

24 May 2013 Cosmetic trends

Springtime for organic cosmetics

While the latest surveys show that the organic cosmetics market does not meet its expectations with consumers, new launches are labelled as fine weather returns. New products, new brands, enlarged or redesigned programmes keep rolling. With two remarkable absents: slimming products and sunscreens.

Aleksei Potov - / Observatoire desCosmétiques
10 May 2013 Cosmetic trends

Body care: leave-on or rinse-off? A focus on two new movements

Is the traditional body scrubbing performed in the shower, followed by the dry application of a moisturising lotion coming to its end? Revived, the body exfoliant is applied on a dry skin, and is not rinsed off. Further, the first body milk to form and rinse in the shower is ...

Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
26 April 2013 Cosmetic trends

Oil: an icon in different ways!

From make-up removers to sunscreens, from hair care to toiletries and body care… beware: one may feel swamped by the "oil texture" next summer! Already often present in natural and organic products, it floods all the sectors of the conventional cosmetic, sunscreens and body and hair oils topping the list. ...

23 April 2013 Cosmetic trends

Leading Beauty Trends for 2013, by Euromonitor

The beauty and personal care market experienced another strong year in 2012, improving upon its 2011 performance despite the deepening of the economic crisis in Europe and a slowdown in China’s economic growth. There have been changes in what the recessionary consumer views as "value". Consumers are now more willing to pay for ...

Fotolia/Cosmetics Observatory
18 April 2013 Cosmetic trends

A thirst for beauty: moisturizing claims on the rise

Two thirds of global skincare NPD in 2012 had moisturizing / hydrating claims. With weather conditions and stress playing havoc with consumer skincare regimes, beauty products which claim to hydrate and moisturize have never been more in demand, according to Mintel BPC.

The Observatory of Cosmetics
27 March 2013 Cosmetic trends

The rising of dry shampoos

According to new research from Mintel Beauty & Personal Care on the dry shampoo market, a shower is no longer necessary when it’s time to suds up your hair. In fact, Mintel found that in 2008, dry shampoo introductions accounted for just 1% of global shampoo launch activity but by 2012 the segment captured 3% ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
20 March 2013 Cosmetic trends

A growing potential for natural beauty products in China

With facial skincare accounting for 92% of the total skincare value market in China, demand for new product innovation in the beauty space has never been more important. And it seems that products incorporating a natural ingredients could stand to benefit, as new research from Mintel reveals that 90% of urban female ... - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
13 March 2013 Cosmetic trends

Locavore cosmetics: soil and some kind of utopia?

The locavore movement, which favours the consumption of locally-produced products, expands now to cosmetics. Active ingredients from the region, local production facilities, local sales channels: does all this make our creams jars low ecological footprinters? Dilemma: this reality, as some call it, or this marketing trend, as others call it, ...

Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
06 March 2013 Cosmetic trends

Prestige beauty annual sales: U.S. growth outpaces Europe

The global prestige beauty industry ended the year with mixed results, according to The NPD Group, Inc., a global information company. The U.S. prestige beauty* industry posted a seven percent gain in 2012, generating $10.2 billion, compared to the 11 percent increase in 2011. On the other hand, challenging economic conditions contributed to sales declines ...

04 March 2013 Cosmetic trends

The multichannel challenge for cosmetics

While the main manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics went to the on-line sales, the complementarity between the channels can make it for the difference. This is the conclusion of a pan-European study released by A.T. Kearney, a strategy and management consulting company.

22 Feb. 2013 Cosmetic trends

American markets: an e-book, by Euromonitor

How is the beauty market changing in the Americas? What trends are happening now, impacting the future of the business? Euromonitor has just released an e-book, to help industry understand trends shaping the beauty and personal care market in North and South America, providing the insight necessary to make strategic ...
20 Feb. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Bizarre ingredients in cosmetics: we have not yet seen anything!

Snails’ slime, snakes’ venom, sperm whale’s vomit, ostrich oil … so many new bizarre ingredients moved up in our anti-ageing elixirs! An animal-based cosmetic industry, or a marketing trend with a craving for exoticism? After which Code of Ethics? A small bewildering  overview of the situation.

18 Feb. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Beauty Devices Markets: Untapped Potential (Kline)

According to a consulting and research firm Kline & Company recent study, with the Chinese market boasting nearly 100% growth in 2012 and double-digit growth seen across all surveyed regions, the largely under-penetrated but booming at-home skin care devices market suggests even greater opportunity for growth.

15 Feb. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Instrumental cosmetics, the easy-to-use version ?

Trendy in Japan and in the USA, the instrumental cosmetics arrives in France with new equipment, designed more for a daily use and a better efficiency. The French market takes off … A new trend seen by Ariane Le Febvre.

Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
08 Feb. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Virile Numbers Showing up in the Male Grooming Products Market, sees Kline

The global male grooming products market has rebounded back to its growth path with most significant growth occurring in Asian regions, with India in particular posting a 32% increase in 2012, according to the recently published by global consulting and research firm Kline & Company. A growing consciousness among men concerning their ...

Fotolia/Cosmetics Observatory
31 Jan. 2013 Cosmetic trends

Why professional nail care market explodes

The explosive growth in sales of professional nail care products outshined resilient but modest growth rates in other cosmetics categories, posting over 25% increase globally in 2012, according to the Kline study and consulting firm. Compared to other beauty treatments, these services remain affordable indulgences, which are driving greater consumer demand.

Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
29 Jan. 2013 Cosmetic trends

The beauty selective distribution market steady in 2012

The NPD Group, specialized in market surveys, has just released its results on the beauty selective market sales in 2012. The French market is steady after a flourishing 2011 year. After the NPD Group, perfumes and cosmetic products sales, with € 2,830 millions revenues in France, have been slightly lower, by 0.9% in value in 2012 as compared to 2011, ...

23 Jan. 2013 Cosmetic trends

The world market of perfumes radiates growth

The pleasant odor of oranges, the freshness of a sea breeze or the warm smell of wood - all these impressions are connected to a variety of positive experiences. With its products, the fragrances industry contributes to improve our well-being in innumerable situations. Not only fully developed industrial countries explore ...

Thinkstock/Cosmetics Observatory
17 Jan. 2013 Cosmetic trends

The beauty secret of young men

While "made for men" beauty products are now mainstream, latest research from Mintel reveals that online retailing is the ultimate shopping channel for American men when it comes to beauty. Six in ten are attracted by online shopping, convenient, easy and quick.

The Observatory of Cosmetics
07 Dec. 2012 Cosmetic trends

Black perfumes: are they ambivalent?

Black juices, ebony-like bottles, night scores … Peculiar, not that festal, the black wave that storms these year-end perfumes vacillates between the need to revive olfactory delicacy and the fascination for hell’s scents …A new cosmetic trend, explained by Ariane Le Fèbvre.

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
06 Dec. 2012 Cosmetic trends

Trendy, or not trendy preservatives

The preservatives are the family of cosmetic ingredients that are the most questioned and are media hype, and are also the source of concerns for consumers. Is there someone who has never heard about parabens or phenoxyethanol, to quote only the most criticized? This anti-preservative trend is not without any ...

30 Nov. 2012 Cosmetic trends

The world market of luxury (a Eurostaf study)

The studies, advice and sector analyses Eurostaf company has just released a study on the world market of luxury. Considering only the luxury market, after its geographical areas and its products segments, it forecasts an unavoidable slowdown, but also a coming back of external growth operations.

08 Nov. 2012 Cosmetic trends

The world beauty market (a Eurostaf study)

Eurostaf, a study, consultancy and industry analysis company has just released a study on the world beauty market. A detailed analysis of the three key beauty markets (perfumes and cosmetics, medical aesthetics, home devices), which takes into account the economic weight, the growth per geographical area and the kind of ...

Thinkstock/Cosmetics Observatory
26 Oct. 2012 Cosmetic trends

The lotion comes with a brand-new face

Do not mistake it for a common water-based toning lotion. Rich and textured, the care lotion is a true “pre-care”. A new cosmetic way, not-to-be-missed, which deserves to become a beauty custom. 

22 Oct. 2012 Cosmetic trends

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall … Looking at the Growth Opportunities in Anti-aging

Anti-aging is the single largest product type in the global personal care market and a key growth engine for the entire industry. It has been outpacing the total beauty growth; higher priced luxury brands, which include many anti-aging products, showed the largest gain last year. The Kline study and consulting ...