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July 3, 2019 | Cosmetic trends

The Green Beauty is on the move!

Twenty years ago, the trend of organic and natural beauty was struggling to find its way onto the cosmetic scene. Today, it is in the forefront and many consumers are now swearing by it. On the occasion of a morning of conferences organized by the distributor Ami Ingrédients around the theme of “Clean Beauty”, Pascale Brousse, founder of Trendsourcing, spoke about the green principles of the moment.

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Thinkstock/Cosmetics Observatory
28 Jan. 2012 Cosmetic trends

Eye contour cares become more sophisticated

Thanks to new massaging applicators (roll-on, balls, etc.), eye contour cares, often deceptive, until now, are more efficient. A “smoothing out” survey, by Ariane Le Febvre.

CLIMPACT/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
13 Jan. 2012 Cosmetic trends

Weather and its impact on the cosmetics consumption pro

Fall 2011 has been exceptionally warm. CLIMPACT, the European leader of the Business Climate Intelligence, and SymphonyIRI Group, a specialist of the follow-up of the market of consumers products, have surveyed 300 such consumers products. The result: soups, down, deodorants and shower-gels, up!

22 Dec. 2011 Cosmetic trends

The gentle "whisper" of organic perfumes

Mistrusting chemistry in cosmetics, an increasing number of women look at organic perfumes. Good news: they change, are more and more engineered, and they truly deserve the name of perfumes. By Ariane Le Fevbre.

The Observatory of Cosmetics
15 Dec. 2011 Cosmetic trends

A cosmetics gift-pack for Christmas? Yes, but ?

They are popular, and let us agree: they are very practical … when ideas are lacking for Xmas gifts. Two to three millions gift-packs, which allow for a nice gift without getting worked up, that are sold every year in France for the Holiday season. Nevertheless, the customers do not buy ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
15 Dec. 2011 Cosmetic trends

Cosmetics gift-packs: men and women agree on their prices and contents pro

Gift-packs are a successful option every year during the Holiday season. Especially, those coming with a "Well-Being" flavour. By the way, why this gift-pack is thriving, while that one is not? Some pieces of an answer through a Promise Inc’s survey.

09 Dec. 2011 Cosmetic trends

New hair beauty gestures

In the land of hair cosmetics, shampoo is ennobled, detox is gaining ground, dry shampoo is reinvented, serum persists and signs, fragrant mists are popular… An overview of trends in the"hair of time";

28 Oct. 2011 Cosmetic trends

BB Cream: myth or reality?

An invasion of BB Cream in the horizon (BB comes for Blemish Balm, an anti-imperfections balm) … Are we going to be all victims? It is questionable. An analysis of a phenomenon, not that phenomenal …

Thinstock - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
07 Oct. 2011 Cosmetic trends

Glass, a cosmetic material

Mainly made of silica, it can be recycled ad infinitum. Safe, ecological and sophisticated, it is the ideal material of the packaging of our creams, oils, foundations and perfumes. Flash-back to glass, a packaging material for the future.

The Observatory of Cosmetics
30 Sept. 2011 Cosmetic trends

Looking desperately for a perfect nude skin ?

The Nude is the topic of face care in this "after-vacation" period. This new generation of care, which "make the skin perfect"(we may call them "skin-perfecting") may not allow us to go without make-up --as some brands claim-- but sure, it gives immediately a more beautiful complexion …

© - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
08 Sept. 2011 Cosmetic trends

Cosmetics for children: delightful or worrying?

Our children are washed. They brush their teeth, protect their skins from sunrays … They daily use cosmetics, as adults do. That is why they interest the marketing departments of renowned brands, which design full ranges of products (after those for babies and teens) with suitable formulae, fragrances and packaging.

The Observatory of Cosmetics
02 Sept. 2011 Cosmetic trends

What organic cosmetics for the new school year?

They gain in sensoriality but their effectiveness is not yet recognized as equivalent to that of conventional cosmetics. This subjective perception is largely related to their lack of immediate effects. Explanations.