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Cosmotrends: trends during and after Covid-19

Cosmotrends : les tendances pendant et après Covid-19

As every year, Cosmoprof unveils its “Cosmotrends”, the most fashionable trends spotted on the show. Despite a 2020 edition organized online, the Cosmotrends were presented by Laura Ziv, general manager of Beauty Streams.

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The CosmoTrends report is an essential guide for the beauty industry, highlighting the innovations of selected brands," says Laura Ziv. In this time of pandemic and limited travel, CosmoTrends offers a perspective on the beauty market. In terms of 2020 trends, there is a breakthrough in wellness, safety and respect for the environment."

The expert presented five strong currents with, each time, three illustrative products.

Repurpose me!

The aim is to recycle waste in order to offer sustainable packaging and packaging. Gone are the days of single-use plastic. Today, initiatives are multiplying in order to reuse it and prevent it from polluting squares and oceans.
“Some brands are even committed to completely eliminating single-use plastic. And when it is used, traceability data will be increasingly highlighted, allowing consumers to make informed purchasing choices,” adds Laura Ziv.

The Gosh Chameleon Primer
The primary packaging of this foundation is made up of 40% plastic waste from the seas, oceans, rivers and shores.

Rice Bran Lipstick by Libo Cosmetics
Libo Cosmetics recycles rice bran for its Rice Bran lipstick. This hard, protective husk of the grains is a by-product of the rice milling process, and a waste product that is abundantly available. This …

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