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Prospects and post-Covid trends: Peclers' analysis

Prospectives et tendances post-Covid : l’analyse de Peclers

The first half of 2020 has been tumultuous with the coronavirus. For the beauty sector, the time is ripe for recovery in a still somewhat uncertain context. To help brands communicate coherently, Aude Legré, Head of Brand Strategy, Future insight & Innovation at Peclers Paris, presented some emerging trends.

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“It is impossible to start this type of session without talking about what we are going through and especially the predictions of radicalisation or acceleration,” introduced Aude Legré. “There’s always the trend and the counter-trend, but right now it’s extremely Manichean. More than ever a dynamic that is opposed. There’s the clan of those who think everything will change when the crisis is over and those who are convinced of the opposite. Although it is a bit confusing, it is important to look on the positive side of things. This highly contrasting dynamic encourages creativity. It’s time to be brazen. This speech may be surprising for someone who works in foresight, but one must keep in mind that the future is not dictated, and not wait for crystal balls or Messiahs before acting. On the contrary, brands must be aware that they have a primary role in writing this future. It’s time for them to dare and assert themselves.”

To help professionals to better understand the period and to communicate well with consumers, Aude Legré mentioned three trends that would seem to have the most impact in the long term.

Towards generous essentialism Containment has forced a reduction in activities, …

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