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April 25, 2018Cosmetic trends

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At the dawn of spring, many couples are getting ready to say yes after long months dedicated to organizing their wedding. Once the biggest of the preparations are settled, the"bride-to-be" must not neglect the essential beauty rituals to shine a thousand lights during the ceremony. Make-up tests, skin care, manicure: here is the ideal schedule to offer yourself a perfect beauty and avoid last minute couacs on D-day.

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M-1: make-up and hair tests

It is recommended that all brides book their providers at least two months before the ceremony.
Indeed, the period April / September, favourable to marriages, is rather dense. Prevention is better than cure and choose your beauty team well in advance to avoid unnecessary stress.
In doing so, the tests can take place only one month before the ceremony. This timing is ideal since it leaves enough time to refine your desires and eventually change your mind.
Regarding make-up, brides should always be advised to choose shades of lipstick and eye shadow that match their skin, hair and eye colors to avoid make-up mistakes.
Pinterest is a gold mine for all those who need inspiration and don't know how to enhance their hair.
Finally, you don't hesitate to tell your make-up artist and hairdresser if the result is satisfactory or not. After all, you only get married once (at least, in theory!), so you're not afraid to assert yourself and say what you think!

D-15 : prepare your skin

Let's face it, taking care of your skin is not just two weeks before the due date, but all year round!
However, as D-Day approaches, brides must be even more careful with their skin.
It is often said that food is the first cosmetic. Therefore, pay attention to what you eat is highly recommended to avoid pimples and other patches. Healthy living is paramount.
To have a pretty skin texture, make a scrub once or twice a week is a good idea. Be careful with excessive zeal, it is not worth carrying out this type of care every day at the risk of stripping the epidermis too much.

S-1 : finishes

The wedding hour will soon ring, so you must refine your beauty routine to avoid last-minute (bad) surprises. This may seem obvious but the daily beauty routine (make-up removal, cleansing, hydration) must be irreproachable the last week.

On the other hand, we avoid testing new beauty products a week before D-Day. It would be stupid to have an allergic reaction to an unsuspected cosmetic ingredient and risk having"damaged" skin.

On the epilation side, unwanted hair must be eradicated at least the day before the wedding. Why? Why? Again, to avoid visible red marks, especially on areas like legs or eyebrows.

Those who have decided to wear a bun or any other hairstyle that requires ties should consider washing their hair the day before or the day before the wedding. And yes, too clean and slippery hair makes styling more complicated.

Who with hands and feet? They too deserve special attention.

After having performed pedicure and manicure in the rules of the art (scrubbing, sanding and removal of cuticles), it is time to proceed to the application of varnish.

For an occasion as special as a wedding, nothing better than having recourse to the semi-permanent version. It allows an immediate drying and especially a long holding, ideal for those who convolate in honeymoon just after!


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