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The challenges of solid cosmetics

Les challenges de la cosmétique solide

As minimalist as it may be, solid cosmetics are not that simple to conceive. Émilie Lanas-Azibi, marketing manager at Ami Ingrédients, presented all the aspects to keep in mind if you want to go down this road, during the professional conference organized in conjunction with the U’Cosmetics student competition.

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“This branch of cosmetics is very trendy, but one wonders why it is so popular”, introduces Émilie Lanas-Azibi. “Probably because it embodies the beauty routine of the future, both good for the skin and for the planet. In any case, its promise is very appealing. It’s a new 100% responsible, economical and low-water consumption routine. We only buy a solid product for the active ingredient it contains and not a form diluted with 80 or 90% water. The anhydrous profile, which is not very conducive to bacterial development, allows us to do without a preservation system.”
There is something for everyone. There is toothpaste, hair care, intimate hygiene products and serums.

Anatomy of a product
According to Émilie Lanas-Azibi, the basis of a solid care product is always the same:
• Consistency factors that ensure hardness, but also melting when the product is applied
• Stabilizers
“Then, depending on the type of care developed, we can find surfactants to help clean and spread the foam, conditioning agents to improve detangling in the hair, active ingredients and touch powders to bring softness to the formula,” explains Emilie Lanas-Azibi. “Cosmetics must be synonymous with pleasure in all circumstances, and to be successful, …

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