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Who are the new cosmetics consumers?

Qui sont les nouveaux consommateurs de cosmétiques ?

As society changes, consumer habits change as well. And the cosmetics industry is no exception, it’s all about fashion and trends. In order to best meet the needs of different consumers, they must be identified. At a webinar organized by in-cosmetics Global, Lisa Payne, Stylus Beauty Editor, presented five new beauty consumer profiles that are emerging on the market.

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“It’s necessary to know who you’re talking to,” Lisa Payne warns at the beginning of her speech. “The beauty industry must have a relevant communication and calibrate the development of their products according to the target audience.”

The Skintellectuals

A contraction of skin and intellect, this term defines expert consumers.
Born thanks to cosmetic decoding applications and other technological advances, they are unique.
True beauty aficionados, they like to try different galenics and formulations. That’s why they have no difficulty moving from a luxury brand to a product with a more mass market positioning. “A bit like Asian layering, Skintellectuals have a long and sophisticated care protocol. To keep up with the trend, Sweet Chef has developed a whole range of serums to be mixed together according to the needs of the epidermis,” says Lisa Payne.

Beware, retaining this caste is complicated. Indeed, it appreciates novelty and is looking for quick, almost immediate results.
These beauty “nerds” have cosmetic knowledge that surpasses that of the average consumer. “While in the past, shop assistants used to recommend the best moisturizer for the skin, today they are faced with much more advanced questions about formulation,” says Lisa Payne. Inci List has based …

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