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AAT (Allergy Alert Test): final Opinion of the SCCS

AAT (Test Alerte Allergie) : Opinion finale du CSSC

The SCCS has just published it Opinion on the AAT (Allergy Alert Test), the standardised method proposed by Cosmetics eUROPE for allergy tests that consumers are recommended to carry out before using a hair dye. It had been adopted by written procedure on 10 September 2019.

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To date, there is no standardised method for allergy tests that consumers are recommended to carry out before using a hair dye. Cosmetics Europe has developed one, the AAT, for Allergy Alert Test. The European Commission has mandated the SCCS to assess its value.
The Scientific Committee published its Opinion in May 2019.
It has been subject to a commenting period of a minimum eight weeks after its initial publication (from 13 May 2019 until 12 July 2019). Comments received during this time period resulted in the following main changes: SCCS comments in sections 3.2.4, and These changes are not impacting the discussion and conclusion parts that remain unchanged.

For full background information, see the article
AAT (Allergy Alert Test): Request for an Opinion to SCCS, CosmeticOBS, 7 January 2019
AAT (Allergy Alert Test): Opinion of the SCCS, CosmeticOBS, 20 May 2019

Final Opinion

1. In light of the study provided and the SCCP/1104/07 opinion, does the SCCS consider the new harmonized Allergy Alert Test (AAT), with the conditions listed above, a suitable test to provide a signal indicative of an allergic reaction to hair dyes when used by laypersons?

The SCCS acknowledges …

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