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HEPB, A160: the SCCS completes its Opinions

HEPB, A160 : Opinions du CSSC

On December 21, 2018, by written procedure, the SCCS adopted an addendum to its Opinion on the hair dye ingredient 2-Methoxy-methyl-p-phenylenediamine (A 160) and its sulfate salts, and made a decision on the eye irritation of the preservative HEPB. These Opinions are open for comments until March 5, 2019.

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Hydroxyethoxyphenyl Butanone (HEPB)


Ethylzingerone with INCI name ‘Hydroxyethoxyphenyl Butanone’ (HEPB) Cosmetics Europe NoP98 - CAS No 569646-79-3 is a cosmetic ingredient not regulated under Cosmetic Regulation No1223/2009 with the function as skin conditioning agent.
ON April 7, 2017, the final version od SCCS Opinion concluded that “Based on the information provided by the applicant, a maximum concentration of 0.7% of Hydroxyethoxyphenyl Butanone (HEPB) as a cosmetic preservative in rinse-off, oral care and leave-on cosmetic products can be considered safe,” but also expressed concerns that “More evidence would be needed to exclude eye irritation.”
In submission II, received in September 2018, the applicant provided additional data on eye irritation to address the above concern of the SCCS.

For the full background
• See the article Preservatives PHMB and HEPB: final Opinions of the SCCS of 12 April 2017
• See the article Hair dyes A160 and C183, Preservative HEPB: three requests for Opinions to SCCS of 29 October 2018

The SCCS Opinion

In light of the new studies provided, does the SCCS consider the use of Hydroxyethoxyphenyl Butanone (HEPB) safe with regard to eye irritation, when used as preservative in rinse-off, oral care and leave-on cosmetic products with a maximum …

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