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SCCS: 1 new opinion open to comments


The opinions of the SCCS, released during the 15th Plenary session, held on June 26 and 27, are numerous. In the today list, a new opinion on hair dyes, the Tetrabromophenol Blue.

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Tetrabromophenol Blue

Tetrabromophenol Blue is used in oxidative- as well as in non-oxidative hair dye formulations at a maximum concentration of 0.2% on the scalp.

Based on the data provided, the SCCS is of the opinion that the use of Tetrabromophenol Blue with a maximum on-head concentration of 0.2% in non-oxidative hair dye formulations does pose a risk to the health of the consumer due to the low Margin of Safety.

Tetrabromophenol Blue is a mixture octa-, hepta- and hexa-bromo phenolsulfonphthaleins, and does not contain any Tetrabromo-homologue, therefore the INCI name is misleading. The criteria for meeting the specifications of other batches, similar to the present mixture should be defined.

No acceptable dermal absorption study under oxidative conditions was provided. An assessment of the use of Tetrabromophenol Blue in oxidative hair dye formulations  cannot be performed without an adequate dermal absorption study and stability data in an oxidative environment.
Deadline for comments: 24 August 2012

For further information
• See the full text of the Opinion on the Tetrabromophenol Blue (SCCS, 2012)

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