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Tagetes, eyelashes dyes: two Opinions of the SCCS

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During its plenary meeting on March 25, 2015, the SCCS has adopted two Opinions, one on the fragrance ingredients Tagetes minuta and Tagetes spatula, and added the requested addendum on Opinion on the safety of oxidative hair dye substances and hydrogen peroxide in products to colour eyelashes. These Opinions are open for comments until June 8, 2015.

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Tagetes minuta and Tagets patula (Phototoxicity only)


The Tagetes spp. extracts and oils (CAS: 91722-29-1) are widely used fragrance ingredients of many fragrance compounds used in perfumery.
ln August 2013 the Commission has received an update dossier by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) on their safety assessment. According to the applicant, Tagetes extracts and essential oils were examined for its phototoxic potential in vitro systems as well as in vivo in experimental animals and human volunteers. This submission is intended to demonstrate the safety of the ingredients when used as fragrance in cosmetic Ieave-on products with a concentration limit of 0.01%.

For exhaustive background information, see the article
SCCS: 6 requests for scientific Opinions (December 17, 2013).


 1. On the basis of data submitted, does the SCCS consider Tagetes minuta and Tagetes patula extracts and essential oils safe for use as fragrance ingredient in cosmetic leave­on products with a maximum concentration limit of 0.01%?

The SCCS considers a maximum level of 0.01% Tagetes minuta and T. patula extracts and essential oils in leave-on products (except sunscreen cosmetic products) as safe, provided that the alpha terthienyl (terthiophene) content of the Tagetes extracts and oils does not exceed 0.35%. …

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