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Eco-responsibility in cosmetics: the dossier


No one today can question the importance of environmental issues, and awareness of these issues is growing in the minds of citizens. Consumers are increasingly aware that everyone has a role to play in preserving the planet and they also expect commitments from the brands whose products they buy. Manufacturers, including those in the beauty sector, have no choice but to commit themselves to this path and take concrete action to reduce the environmental impact of their activity at every possible level, whether it be the sourcing of ingredients, the nature of the packaging and other packaging they use, the manufacturing processes they choose… But it is not always easy to make the right decisions. This dossier provides an overview of the different aspects of eco-responsibility in cosmetics, the notions that underlie it, the regulations and labels that govern it, as well as the practical solutions to be put in place to effectively engage in the necessary path of sustainability.

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The trend

For a while, analysts agreed that the first conversion factor to more natural cosmetics was the arrival of a child in the household.
This is no longer the case. It is first and foremost the younger generations who have shown themselves to be extremely aware of the state of the planet and who do not accept any compromise.
Naturalness is ingrained in them and you have to show your green thumb to hope to seduce them. The coronavirus crisis has amplified and generalized this trend towards more eco-responsible beauty.
Polling institutes confirm it: naturalness and greater respect for the environment are among the post-Covid expectations of the majority of consumers.
Today, it is no longer possible to escape the ecofriendly wave that is sweeping over cosmetics.
If ecodesign was still considered in recent years as a trend followed by more committed economic actors, it is now a prerequisite for everyone.


Many certifications and other labels have emerged in recent years.
These initiatives are intended to set their own rules in terms of respect for the environment and some of them are specific to the cosmetics sector.
Easily identifiable, they are a guarantee of safety and confidence in …

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