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Sun products: the dossier

Dossier Produits solaires

If they are essential to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, whether on the beach in summer or in the mountain in winter, sun protection products are often criticized for their efficacy or questioned for their safety. There are regular debates over the allergenicity or toxicity of synthetic filters and nano sunscreens, over the actual SPFs… while the formulation of this type of products is still a challenge, and their regulations, both in Europe and elsewhere, are not that easy… What options should be chosen? What products, what set of filters, what formula, what galenics, what label? This CosmeticOBS dossier gathers all our articles about sun products to help you get a global vision of this issue. With a selection of the best sun products of the year!

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Sun: benefits, hazards, and protection

Before getting into details, it should be reminded that it is definitely not recommended to expose yourself to the sun without adapted protection. It is not a luxury, it is a public health requirement to protect the skin against sunburns and burns, as well as from the development of melanomas, these very serious skin cancers. It is essential to apply a sun protection product. And this is even more important for children, who should never be exposed before they reach the age of three.
Still, it is not that easy to choose a sun product. And once you have made your choice, you still need to know how to use it optimally to guarantee good protection.
Here are explanations, clarifications, and practical tips…

UV-filters and sunscreens under debate

Synthetic filters guarantee skin protection by absorbing sun rays. By contrast, mineral sunscreens reflect the light to form a protective barrier. Without the former and/or the latter, you are just not protected. But these essential ingredients are among the most regularly disparaged in cosmetics, because almost all of them seem to have as many drawbacks as advantages. But then, you need to know what we are talking …

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