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Wednesday, February 23, 2011Ecoresponsability

Eco-packaging: a toothpaste with a bioplastic tube

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Recyclable packagings, instructions on recycled paper, vegetable inks, sticks made from corn starch or jars made of glass Infinite …, cosmetic manufacturers are looking gradually towards greener packaging solutions. The latest news comes from Sweden and deals with the first toothpaste marketed in a bioplastic tube.

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February 23, 2011
The online magazine Emballagesmagazine.com emphasizes the news.The toothpaste AllVeggie brand has recently marketed its Prabhupada's toothpaste in a tube completely made of plant-based biodegradable plastics.

A small step in the race for eco-designing cosmetic packaging using materials friendly to the environment and everybody's health. With perhaps a smaller carbon imprint  and a better management of the resources of the planet. And for some people, a way to come lately to the "green philosophy"… but the user shall still pay attention to the content and its list of ingredients (INCI).

For further informations : Emballagesmagazine.com (in French only)

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