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Green Impact Index: Pierre Fabre's socio-environmental measurement tool

Green Impact Index : l’outil de mesure socio-environnemental de Pierre Fabre

We know the Nutriscore, a rating system that allows to see at a glance if a foodstuff is good for health or not. The Pierre Fabre group has taken the same concept and adapted it to the cosmetics sector. The Green Impact Index is a tool for the general public to measure, improve and indicate by A, B, C or D the environmental and societal impact of cosmetic products.

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For several years, customers have been asking manufacturers to communicate more transparently on the entire value chain.
“Thanks to the Green Impact Index, consumers will be informed of the eco-social profile of the group’s cosmetics by a simple letter (A, B, C or D). Obtaining an A or B means that the product is eco-socially designed insofar as it meets a sufficient number of environmental and societal performance criteria according to internationally recognized benchmarks,” explains Pierre Fabre. “The tool has already been used internally for two years to ensure the eco-socio-design of new products (A or B score).

The Green Impact Index was designed by Green Mission Pierre Fabre, the group’s branch in charge of sustainable development.
It is based on :
• 14 environmental impact criteria divided between packaging eco-design, formula eco-design, product manufacturing impact and raw material transport. They account for 2/3 of the final score.
• 6 societal impact criteria covering Made in France, Organic, Fair Trade, Guaranteed French Origin and Vegan certifications or labeling, as well as Pierre Fabre’s commitment programs. They represent 1/3 of the final score.

The Green Impact Index will gradually be applied to the packaging of the group’s brands. But consumers can …

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