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Wednesday, March 31, 2021Ecoresponsability

Lancôme is committed to a more sustainable future

Lancôme s'engage pour un futur plus durable

For a long time, it was thought that luxury brands were disconnected from everyday life. Now, they are determined to fight this preconceived idea and above all to support concrete actions to make the world a better place. As evidenced by the sustainable development plan recently announced by Lancôme.

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Caring Together for a Happier Tomorrow is the name of the Lancôme program. It is a framework for the brand’s ambitions in terms of sustainable development and inclusion.
“We have a duty to act on environmental and social issues and to help build a brighter future for all. Lancôme is accelerating its transformation and mobilizing for causes for which we all feel a sense of urgency, such as protecting biodiversity, supporting vulnerable women around the world, and empowering our consumers to choose better alternatives and become agents of change,” the brand explains.

Commitments to nature

“The resources of our planet are limited, precious and irreplaceable. We must cherish and care for them. We are committed to building a more sustainable future and having a positive impact on biodiversity by 2030,” says Lancôme.
The brand plans to :
• Reduce its environmental footprint by developing greener formulas
• Create renewable resources through biotechnology
• Promote ethical sourcing
• Grow some of its raw materials locally (Centifolia rose and certain aromatic plants, for example)
• Use eco-designed and more recyclable packaging
• Help to conserve 24 endangered plant species through a partnership with the National Museum of Natural History

Taking care of …

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