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Oct. 24, 2019 | Expert selections

shampoos for everyone, everyone to the shampoo!

Since no-poo fashion has not won all the hearts and minds, shampoo remains the basis of hair care for the whole family. With different needs depending on their nature, they all deserve respect for their specificities, sometimes a little cosmetic help when they feel tired or a little damaged. Simple and gentle bases or enriched with repairing active ingredients, the choice of products is vast. This selection includes only formulas that have been tested, evaluated and finally recommended by the experts at CosmeticOBS.

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A selection of shampoos by CosmeticOBS
24 Oct. 2019 Expert selections

shampoos for everyone, everyone to the shampoo!

Since no-poo fashion has not won all the hearts and minds, shampoo remains the basis of hair care for the whole family. With different needs depending on their nature, they all deserve respect for their specificities, sometimes a little cosmetic help when they feel tired or a little damaged. Simple ...

A selection of oils for hair by CosmeticOBS
10 Sept. 2019 Expert selections

Oils bath for hair

After being exposed all summer to the sun, sand, pool chlorine… or all winter to the cold and wind, after being picked up too often in braids or under hats… it happens that the hair shows itself a little resentful and reluctant to cooperate with your beauty ideas. Dry and ...

A CosmeticOBS' shower gels selection
13 June 2019 Expert selections

Everybody in the shower!

A shower gel is 80 or 90% water and surfactants. The best are no exception to the rule: it is the basis of the formula. Does that mean we can choose any one and all are worth, more or less? Not so simple. Because many other things can make a difference. Decoding and ...

A cleansing foams selection
02 May 2019 Expert selections

Keep foaming, you clean me up!

Face cleansing is an important step in the daily beauty ritual. In the morning, it helps the skin get rid of the sweat and sebum produced while sleeping, and it makes it more toned and ready to receive moisturizing treatments. At night, it is essential to enhance its radiance and ...

A selection of body scrubs
17 April 2019 Expert selections

Body : scrub until it's smooth!

They are said to provide a “new skin”. In any case, they promote the elimination of dead cells, refine the skin’s texture, increase the effectiveness of skin care products (moisturizers, slimming products, etc.) and enhance the effect of self-tanning products. How to choose your body exfoliant? Which active ingredients should ...

A sunscreens selection
20 Feb. 2019 Expert selections

50 shades of sun

On the ski slopes in winter or by the sea in summer, it is very pleasant to be under the sun, exactly. As long as you are protected, absolutely! The hotter it is, the longer you enjoy its rays, and the more the price to pay (sunburn, future melanomas…) handicaps ...

A selection of oils and balms for massages
13 Feb. 2019 Expert selections

For the pleasure of massage

Thai, Californian, Chinese, Balinese, Swedish, Ayurvedic… there is more than one massage method to do treat you well! And there is also the one we offer, with gestures that are perhaps simpler but full of love, to the people around us: parent, child,… lover. For this shared well-being, there is ...

A selection of cosmetic products for dry hair
06 Feb. 2019 Expert selections

Let's fight haystacks on our heads!

Too much dyes, too hot drying or smoothing routines, repeated exposure to sunlight, wind or too calcareous water, aggressions from surfactants and other cosmetic ingredients that are not adapted to their nature, premature aging or temporary imbalance… this is how our hair becomes dry, brittle, split, dull, and why our ...

A selection of body balms
30 Jan. 2019 Expert selections

Balms for the body

They are applied as a comforting caress. We like them rich and nourishing, soft and enveloping, protective and soothing… They are particularly appreciated when the skin is weakened and dried out by the aggressions of all kinds that it undergoes every day (winter cold, summer sun, hard water from the ...

Selection of cosmetics for children
24 Jan. 2019 Expert selections

In the children's bathroom

They are past the age of diapers and milk scabs but are not yet teenagers with oily skin. They know how to brush their teeth without the help of an adult but sometimes need a little help to rinse the shampoo. They are the pupils between nursery and middle school, ...

A selection of cosmetics for sensitive skins
17 Jan. 2019 Expert selections

Sensitive skins routine

It is thin, fragile, it tightens, blushes, sometimes tingles… and is not always easy to live with. Sensitive skin occupies a special place among difficult skins and requires a lot of attention, a good skincare program to moisturize and protect it, and above all cosmetic products perfectly adapted to its ...

A selection of purifying skincares recommended by CosmeticOBS
10 Jan. 2019 Expert selections

I purify, you purify… they purify!

When the period has been a little full of various and varied agapes, when we have made some excesses (too much food, too much drinking, too much smoking, not enough sleep)… the time has come for detox for the liver as well as for the skin! Which is not the ...

A selection of preservative-free cosmetics
19 Dec. 2018 Expert selections

Preservative-free… naturally!

Some consumers look for it ardently on the labels of their cosmetic products, and even if this “Preservative-free” claim can be challenged on many points, it remains, even today, a selling point that some brands use and sometimes abuse, sometimes with disregard for compliance with regulations, accurate information or even ...

Responsible packaging
12 Dec. 2018 Expert selections

When cosmetics packages responsibly

A cosmetic brand can make a commitment to the environment by choosing the ingredients of its products, its manufacturing processes by adopting the principles of green chemistry, reducing its carbon footprint… but also the materials with which it manufactures its packaging. At a time when global warming is so worrying, ...

A selection of whitening toothpastes
05 Dec. 2018 Expert selections

In the whites of the teeth

We all dream of a sparkling smile, revealing immaculately white teeth, reflecting an image of health, confidence and well-being. But it must be said, yellow or even a grey more or less pronounced, dull and spot are much more often worn than Ultra-White! Can we fix things without going to ...

A selection of deodorants
25 Nov. 2018 Expert selections

Deodorants: roll your ball!

Daily and often essential, a good deodorant must be discreet but safe, not to fail during the day, and obviously, without danger to our health. For it, even more than for many other cosmetics, the selection criteria must be strict and selective. The experts at CosmeticOBS applied them without concessions ...

A selection of minimalist cosmetics
21 Nov. 2018 Expert selections

The basics to do more with less

Oh, how we love these cosmetics that fit everyone! Whether you call them 2-in-1, multifunctional, universal or all-purpose, they are perfectly in line with the minimalist trend that wants us to consume less but better… for less at the lowest price and for the same service! Those of this selection, which ...

A selection of micellar waters
14 Nov. 2018 Expert selections

Should we put micelles in our water?

According to dictionaries, micelles are submicroscopic objects formed by the combination of a few dozen molecules formed in aqueous solutions. These so-called amphiphilic compounds are characterized by a molecular structure that includes one or more hydrophilic parts (with a high affinity for water) and one or more lipophilic parts (with ...

A selection of serums
07 Nov. 2018 Expert selections

Serums' cure

In cosmetics, a serum is a product with a generally fluid texture, reputed to be more concentrated in active ingredients than an ordinary skin care product, for enhanced effectiveness. And sometimes the skin needs this extra support to face hard conditions, whether they are due to the climate… or the ...

A selection of cocooning products
31 Oct. 2018 Expert selections

Cocooning time!

When the weather returns, temperatures plunge and days shorten, it is not time for a fall in morale but for comfort! So, yes, we take out the blankets, but cosmetic! With these cocoons that envelop us in softness and well-being… We lose nothing by doing ourselves good, especially with products ...

Night creams selection
25 Oct. 2018 Expert selections

Creams for dreams

Nights are long, especially in winter. And it is the ideal time to nourish the skin, help it to rest and regenerate… She also recharges her batteries at night! But on the condition that it receives the best care, well designed according to its nocturnal needs, and obviously free of ...

Facial scrubs selection
17 Oct. 2018 Expert selections

Scrubbing the face

They are part of the ritual of deep facial care. They come ritually after cleansing and before the mask, and their action, refining the skin’s texture and removing pores, is intended to boost the epidermis while preparing it to better benefit of the cosmetics that will be applied afterwards. So ...

Selection of masks
10 Oct. 2018 Expert selections

Mask creams so you don't have to hide anymore!

Unlike masks behind which you hide, cosmetic masks are designed to reveal the beauty of the face and the radiance of its complexion. They are moisturizing, soothing, purifying, plumping or firming, anti-ageing or anti-stain… but necessarily enriched with active ingredients for an effectiveness enhanced by a prolonged exposure time. A ...

Eye Contour Products Selection
03 Oct. 2018 Expert selections

Light under the eyes!

It is particularly when we are moving forward in life – and in time – that we start to need a good eye contour product. Indeed that is when the first signs of ageing come to appear (lines, crow’s feet and rings are more marked…) as visible as the nose ...

Anti-blemishes solutions
26 Sept. 2018 Expert selections

Anti-blemishes solutions

Hide these spots so I can’t see them! Remove those blackheads that scatter over the face and put grey on the soul as soon as the eyes cross a mirror! Unclog these pores too generous in sebum! Yes, but… there are times in life, periods of the year, or slight ...

19 Sept. 2018 Expert selections

The face of pro-ageing

Let it be said: today, we no longer say “anti-ageing”, but “pro-age”. We no longer fight against the irremediable, we accompany it by assuming it. Well, that’s what trend firms say… Because women, for their part, always seem to have a more classical approach to the image that the mirror ...

12 Sept. 2018 Expert selections

The baby kit… in complete safety

Which products are really suitable for a baby’s very specific skin? How to avoid cosmetics that are potentially dangerous for the health of very young children, or those that can induce allergies or irritations? How can we respect the fragile balance of the epidermis of infants and choose truly safe ...

05 Sept. 2018 Expert selections

Gentle lip balms

No gloves, they are obviously for the hands… No woollen caps, they are supposed to warm up our hair and ears… As a consequence, our lips must actually go out without any cloth to cover them, so they are the first casualties of adverse weather conditions and climate aggressions. Still, ...

29 Aug. 2018 Expert selections

Cocoon hand creams

They do deserve their own comforting skincare cream, these hands we make use of all the time, without always thanking them for their loyal service with a few specific treatments. They do deserve to be consoled for the daily aggressions they are subjected to, with a moisturizing, regenerating, softening care… ...

22 Aug. 2018 Expert selections

Shaving ritual

It is a real ritual for men: the time it takes to shave is divided into several steps. First, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated for the epidermis to get rid of its impurities and feel softer. After that comes actual shaving, gently and meticulously over the cheeks, the neck, ...

09 Aug. 2018 Expert selections

The basis of baby's diaper: liniment

It is a typical example of a granny’s recipe applied to cosmetics. Liniment is old as the hills, and today, there is no need to prove its efficacy to cleanse and prevent babies’ nappy rash. However, liniments can have their own specificities, and they are not all as efficient: they ...

02 Aug. 2018 Expert selections

Vegan-friendly routine

Respect for animal welfare and the refusal to exploit animals in any form is a general trend that is becoming a prerequisite for more and more consumers. Cosmetics must also take this into account and offer adapted formulas in all types of products. All those of this selection are suitable ...