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Cocoon hand creams


They do deserve their own comforting skincare cream, these hands we make use of all the time, without always thanking them for their loyal service with a few specific treatments. They do deserve to be consoled for the daily aggressions they are subjected to, with a moisturizing, regenerating, softening care… And they also deserve to get the best cream to really do them good, at last. Here is a selection of them, all evaluated and recommended by CosmeticOBS.

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What is needed to make a hand cream? The list of ingredients is actually quite short, as it only contains a few actives: emollients and wetting agents in rather high quantity to soften and restore skin hydration, with one or two occlusive agents to form a protective film on the surface of the epidermis and prevent any dryness, regenerating and repairing essential fatty acids, a few soothing and softening agents to fight against the ambient roughness and leave the hands soft and comforted…

In short, this is the base for an efficient, really rich moisturizer that may definitely be topped with a pleasant perfume, but which must also avoid less recommended ingredients like those with an irritant or sensitizing potential (weakened and dried hands do not need them!), such as certain preservatives, alcohol, UV-filters (for a better protection, better use a real sunscreen in summer on top of it)…

On the basis of these criteria, the CosmeticOBS experts suggest this selection of hand creams, after having evaluated, tested, and recommended them according to their formulas, efficacy, respect for the skin, safety, and quality/price ratio!

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