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Sélection de crèmes de nuit

Nights are long, especially in winter. And it is the ideal time to nourish the skin, help it to rest and regenerate… She also recharges her batteries at night! But on the condition that it receives the best care, well designed according to its nocturnal needs, and obviously free of any ingredient that could do it more harm than good. Not all night creams are the right ones, but all those in this selection, made up of formulas tested and evaluated by the experts at CosmeticOBS, are among the most recommended!

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The skin also has its own chronobiological rhythms : there is indeed a mitosis peak in the epidermis – mitosis is the cell division process that helps the skin regenerate – around one in the morning, whereas it is very low during the day.
Variations were also observed in the skin microcirculation or transepidermal water loss, which is the lowest around noon and the highest around midnight. This last observation suggests the skin may be more permeable at night than during the day, and the penetration of certain substances, including cosmetics, may be more efficient at night than during the day.
experiments measured the difference in the skin penetration of cosmetic actives. All results tally: the skin is most receptive at night, and that is also when the actives penetrate it best and are the most efficient. That is a good answer to those that suspect the night cream concept of being only marketing-oriented!
Non, night cream is not only marketing-oriented!

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