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In the whites of the teeth

Sélection de dentifrices blanchissants

We all dream of a sparkling smile, revealing immaculately white teeth, reflecting an image of health, confidence and well-being. But it must be said, yellow or even a grey more or less pronounced, dull and spot are much more often worn than Ultra-White! Can we fix things without going to the dentist? Sometimes yes. And above all with a well-chosen cosmetic product, such as an effective whitening toothpaste, like those in this selection, which have all been tested, evaluated and finally recommended by the experts at CosmeticOBS.

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Why aren’t our teeth always as white as snow?
It’s that they can fade in many ways.
• Internally, dentin (the calcified tissue that makes up the majority of the tooth) can thus be coloured with age or under the influence of genetic predispositions.
• Externally, the enamel covering it, which is anything but a perfectly smooth material, can also see the coloured molecules deposited by food, tea, coffee or cigarette smoke embedded in its crevices… Random hygiene or ineffective brushing can also promote scale deposits on the dental surface.

What to do to regain the original whiteness?
Only medical devices based on hydrogen peroxide available to dental surgeons (or to a lesser extent - and less effectively - bleaching kits sold in stores for home use) can affect colouring dentin.
A good toothpaste, and especially if formulated for this purpose, can significantly brighten the enamel surface, helping to dislodge coloured particles.

How does a toothpaste work?
A whitening toothpaste acts on a simple and always identical principle: it is, first of all, a matter of polishing the enamel of the tooth to smooth it out crevices and remove coloured particles. Therefore, abrasive agents are first used, such as silica or sometimes bamboo powder.
Note that the abrasion must, in any case, remain soft enough not to risk scratching the enamel… which could eventually increase the appearance of new spots and more pronounced discolouration!
As a reinforcement, anti-scale and anti-plaque agents support the abrasive action, such as sodium bicarbonate or calcium carbonate, as well as certain essential oils.
Cleansing agents in the form of surfactants are never absent from the formulas of these toothpastes, especially since they also ensure the formation of foam during brushing.

This may be enough to keep the promise of a gain in whiteness. But the products offered by cosmetic brands are often enriched with purifying active ingredients to purify the oral environment and refreshing to clarify the breath, an aroma to obtain a taste pleasant in the mouth, some humectants or texturizing agents (gelling, thickening…) for an appropriate galenic, possibly colourants…
Sometimes, these toothpastes also contain less welcome ingredients such as preservatives or pH regulators with controversial toxicity (we always prefer not to see them in a product of which we always risk ingesting even a very small quantity) or mucosal irritants…

Like all cosmetics, a whitening toothpaste must therefore be chosen carefully, and never without consulting the list of its ingredients before going to the checkout.
And of course, it goes without saying that the best toothpaste will not keep any of its promises if it is not used very regularly, i.e. preferably after each meal, by careful and fairly long brushing. To your toothbrushes!

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Did you know?
The dental whitening market is dynamic… and seasonal! Many more of us are rushing to find whitening products, and even many more before the summer and before the end of the year celebrations… to shine on the beach as well as in the evening!
Maybe because we know that our smile is one of our main weapons of seduction… and that it can be very profitable. An experiment in the United States, for example, showed that waitresses with a large smile saw their tips considerably increased compared to those who only sketch it, with the most generous customers then proving to be… men!

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