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Mask creams so you don't have to hide anymore!

Sélection de masques

Unlike masks behind which you hide, cosmetic masks are designed to reveal the beauty of the face and the radiance of its complexion. They are moisturizing, soothing, purifying, plumping or firming, anti-ageing or anti-stain… but necessarily enriched with active ingredients for an effectiveness enhanced by a prolonged exposure time. A real cocoon treatment and a well-being ritual that only helps to feel good… if you choose a quality formula that does not risk any adverse effects on the skin! Here is a selection, with creamy textures tested, evaluated and recommended by the experts at CosmeticOBS.

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The formula is one thing, the right application is another challenge!
A mask is a ritual, which includes its mandatory steps, to be followed to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

Step 1: facial cleansing
A mask is only to be applied to perfectly cleansed skin (with the products usually used for this purpose), then carefully dried.

Step 2: the scrub
Exfoliating before applying a mask helps to cleanse the skin more deeply, free pores from impurities, and thus maximize the effectiveness of its active ingredients. Both are recommended on a weekly basis, so it is beneficial to practice them one after the other on a regular basis.

Step 3: the mask application
The creamy textures are spread all over the face and neck. But they can have their own little specificities:
• Some of them can also act on the eye and lip area, but not all….
• A mask is applied in a uniform layer, more or less thick depending on the formulas…
• Exposure times can vary from 5 to 20 minutes…
It is therefore recommended to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before use… and to follow them carefully!
And to take advantage of the exposure time to indulge in a little moment of relaxation that is always worth taking.

Step 4: rinsing
The skin can absorb part of the mask during application… But it is rare that there is not at least some residue left on the face. The right thing to do: remove the excess with a soft cotton pad or tissue, then rinse the face, preferably with a lotion adapted to the skin type or with floral water rather than tap water, often too hard.

Step 5: the final treatment
Moisturizing masks generally leave the skin comfortable enough to do without any other care: with them, the only thing left to do is to see the result and be delighted with its effects!
Only purifying masks may require the addition of a skin care cream.

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