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Preservative-free... naturally!

Sélection de cosmétiques sans conservateurs

Some consumers look for it ardently on the labels of their cosmetic products, and even if this “Preservative-free” claim can be challenged on many points, it remains, even today, a selling point that some brands use and sometimes abuse, sometimes with disregard for compliance with regulations, accurate information or even respect for the health of their consumers. However, there are some products that do not contain preservatives, simply because they do not need them to ensure their safety and longevity, such as those in this selection, which have all been tested, evaluated and finally recommended by the experts at CosmeticOBS.

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One of the conditions for a cosmetic to be able to do without preservatives without the risk of bacteria and other moulds proliferating (and unless it is packaged in a sterile unit dose or aerosol) is that its formula is not very suitable for their development. This is particularly true for products that inherently contain a lot of alcohol (such as perfumes) or do not contain water, either because they are in dry form (such as make-up powders) or because they contain only fats. Serums, moisturizing or make-up remover oils, buttered balms are typical examples with multiple applications on hair, face or body… including babies!

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