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The basis of baby's diaper: liniment


It is a typical example of a granny’s recipe applied to cosmetics. Liniment is old as the hills, and today, there is no need to prove its efficacy to cleanse and prevent babies’ nappy rash. However, liniments can have their own specificities, and they are not all as efficient: they are more or less natural, sophisticated, or commendable… Here is a selection of them, all evaluated and recommended by CosmeticOBS.

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Liniment is a basic in every sense of the word. The same goes for its pH, and its status as a simple, useful, and efficient product.

Typically, a liniment is a mixture that contains 50% of olive oil and 50% of a calcium hydroxide solution (commonly called limewater). It can be characterized by its very basic pH (about 9), which is what makes it so interesting.
For example, it is used to cleanse babies’ bottoms weakened by the urine acidity and their maceration in nappies, which triggers redness and nappy rash.
And it has two main advantages:
• The basic pH of the calcium hydroxide solution rebalances that of the skin, made too acid because of the urine: it purifies and makes the baby less susceptible to rash
• Olive oil relieves the epidermis and covers it with a light oily film to isolate it from the urine: it protects the skin
Used each time nappies are changed, it prevents the appearance of nappy rash, while efficiently cleansing the bottom.

Liniment should be used like a cleansing milk, every time nappies need to be changed. Just cleanse the bottom and its small folds by putting a small quantity of product on a piece of cotton and lightly touching the skin. Once the surplus has been removed with another piece of cotton, liniment should not be rinsed off: it would lose a great part of its protective properties.

The problem is, the basic formula with two ingredients cannot be found in-store. The simplest liniments (usually those sold in pharmacies as over-the-counter drugs) also contain an emulsifier, a stabilizer… And for the most cosmetic-like of them, brands have adapted the original recipe quite freely, but more or less skilfully.

Here is a selection of them were evaluated by CosmeticOBS: they can all be used with confidence by all mummies.

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