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A standard project for beauty salons

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Beauty therapist qualifications, client safety and satisfaction, salon hygiene… AFNOR has launched a public survey on standard project PR NF EN 16708 related to beauty salon services. Everyone is invited to read the text and give their opinion until April 10, 2014.

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From delivering beauty treatment to staff competence, this standard project defines requirements and recommendations in relation to service quality.

Indeed, beauty therapists who provide services in beauty salons must hold professional qualifications recognized by a national educational authority. Beauty salons must document their policy regarding professional ethics and confidentiality in dealing with their clients.
As for hygiene, it is recommended to use soap and/or sanitizing products for hands, wear an appropriate uniform, and use adapted protective equipment.

In terms of risk assessment, the layout and set-up of treatment areas must take into account health and safety issues. They must be designated and separate from other areas of the salon, such as those reserved for the staff, or storage, reception and laundry areas…

This standard project is destined for beauty salon professionals, and is applicable to all treatments where they are provided as part of a beauty salon service.
It is now available to anyone: everyone can thus get informed about the requirements and recommendations defined and make comments both on the content and form of the text.

For further information
• Read the PR NF EN 16708 standard project and comment upon it

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