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Aluminium: the VKM won’t give up

Position du VKM sur l'aluminium

In April 2013, the VKM (Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety) published a report, stating in their conclusion the exposure to aluminium through cosmetic products resulted in an exposure that exceeded the tolerable weekly intake. One year later, the SCCS released its opinion on the issue, and refuted this stance. Now here is the final answer: we won’t call it quits!

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VKM statement

Following a risk assessment on aluminum in cosmetic products by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has asked the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety to comment on certain points in the SCCS opinion.

On April 5, 2013, VKM published the risk assessment entitled “Risk assessment of the exposure to aluminium through food and the use of cosmetic products in the Norwegian population” (See the article on this subject).

The estimated dietary exposure to aluminium was based on national food consumption surveys for various age groups and the aluminium concentration in food on the Norwegian market.

The additional contribution from the use of cosmetics was estimated as the systemic exposure dose (SED) from topical application of cosmetic products in different age groups.

Lipstick/lip gloss, antiperspirants and a few brands of whitening toothpaste were considered the relevant sources of Al through cosmetics.

For estimations of exposure to Al in the Norwegian population from cosmetics, occurrence data from cosmetic products on the Norwegian market were used. Dermal absorption of Al was based on the on skin penetration data from a human in vitro study by Pineau et al. (2012).

In its opinion …

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