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ARPP updates Cosmetic Products Recommendation

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The Professional Regulatory Authority for Advertising has just published the 7th version of the ethical rules for advertising and claims relating to cosmetic products. The text has been revised to adapt to the European Cosmetics Regulation which came into force on 11 July 2013 with its part on common criteria concerning claims, as well as to the Advertising and Commercial Communication Charter of Cosmetics Europe. It also takes into account the abolition of the French PP visa.

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This 7th amendment to the Cosmetic Products Recommendation mainly concerns 4 points, introducing in particular new requirements applicable to advertising illustrations and claims concerning products previously covered by a PP visa.

Performance Illustrations

This new paragraph is inserted in the chapter devoted to the presentation of a product's performance.

It states: a/ Digital techniques can be used to enhance the beauty of images to communicate brand personality and positioning and/or any specific product benefits. b/ However, the illustration of a product's performance must not be misleading: - Digital techniques shall not alter the images of the models in such a way that their shapes or characteristics become misleading as to the result that can be achieved by the product. - Pre- and post-production techniques are acceptable as long as they do not give the impression that the product has features or functions that it does not have. For example, the following cases are not considered misleading: exaggeration or stylized beauty images that are not meant to be considered literally, techniques that enhance the beauty of images and are independent of the advertised product or effect.

Special products, ex-visa PP

The PP visa, this very French particularity, concerned the products, except …

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