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Claire : the application that wants to be clear about the cosmetic ingredients

L'application qui veut être Clair(e) sur les ingrédients cosmétiques

While the actors of the cosmetics industry have long led the war on applications for deciphering ingredient lists, which were considered too unreliable and discriminating, the FEBEA, in collaboration with the FSC (French Society of Cosmetology), has developed its own tool, Claire. The federation of beauty companies thus aims to offer the general public and sales consultants an informative application based on regulations and scientific literature.

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Unlike most decoding technologies, Claire (the name is a nod to the need for transparency felt by consumers) does not use the barcode (which does not necessarily change if the formula evolves), but the INCI list on the packaging, thanks to a character recognition system similar to the one already used by the Clean Beauty application, which makes it possible to take into account the real composition of the product.
Claire also has an index of ingredients. The user can access nearly 25,000 regularly updated sheets. However, be careful with typing or spelling mistakes, as there is a risk of not finding the desired substance.
Claire is a free application, available under the name Claire App on the App Store and Google Play.

How it works

Once the application is launched and the INCI is scanned, a new interface appears showing one by one all the ingredients of the formula. It is possible to sort them by function or alphabetically. Then you just have to click on any ingredient to access its detailed file (INCI name, function, origin).
For the substances described, a pink insert explains the reason for the controversy. It also includes some scientific and regulatory data, as …

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