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Evolution of the criteria for the Natrue label

Évolution des critères du label Natrue

The Natrue standard is one of the international references for the formulation of natural and organic cosmetics. The update of the criteria of its label which has just been published (version 3.9) includes several important changes: moving from three levels of certification to two, reference to the RSPO principles for sustainable palm oil, evolution of the raw material evaluation system, update of the label’s guidelines for claims… This new version will enter into force on 1 January 2021.

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In the press release announcing these developments, Natrue states that they have been made to ensure “more transparency and information for the benefit of consumers.”
This update therefore concerns several points.

Two levels of certification instead of three

Natrue has decided to reduce its three levels of certification to two: natural or organic. The level “natural with organic part” will be abolished as of 1 January 2021. From this date, new finished cosmetic products bearing the Natrue label will be certified either “natural” or “organic”.
Products that had already been certified “natural with organic part” may remain identified as such until the expiry of the product certificate (which is valid for two years). Upon renewal of its certification, a product meeting the requirements of the “natural with organic part” level will be re-certified either as “natural” or as “organic”, subject to its compliance with the requirements defined for each level of certification.
At the same time, Natrue has adapted the formulation requirements of its standard to facilitate the needs related to the development of new products.

More sustainable raw materials

In its updated standard, Natrue requires that raw materials that are natural or derived from palm oil or palm kernel …

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