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Firmenich partners with Chinese distributor Harmay

Firmenich s'associe au distributeur chinois Harmay

Firmenich, a Swiss fragrance and flavor company, has announced a partnership with Harmay, a new distributor in China. The goal of this collaboration is to develop the fine fragrance segment by leveraging each other’s capabilities: creating new fragrances, new concepts and new experiences for consumers.

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Since 2008, Harmay has been one of the largest retailers in China and has gained the favor of the coveted Generation Z. The group’s stores have a high-end positioning.

“Through this strategic partnership with Harmay, we are joining forces to bring forth the brands of tomorrow and leveraging our respective capabilities in consumer insight, digital, creativity and the art of perfumery,” said Olivier Viejo, Director of Fine Fragrances at Firmenich China. “This will pave the way for further growth of the fine fragrance industry both in China and the rest of the world.”

Jason Ju, Co-Founder of Harmay explained that “China is expected to be the growth driver of the fine fragrance market with many local brands emerging and a significant increase in consumption, especially in the Generation Z segment. We are honored to play a key role in driving this growth through the synergies between Harmay and Firmenich.”

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