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Guaranteed free from endocrine disruptors

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It was a real challenge… and Heuliad was ready for it! It is the first cosmetics brand to dare communicate on the absence of endocrine disruptors in its products. And tests are there to prove it. Did you say tests? But what tests? And with which real guarantees? CosmeticOBS was determined to learn more about this…

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The press release was published in late 2015: ‘Scientifically-tested Heuliad products show no oestrogenic action, which means there is no need for their users to fear any disruption! The natural cosmetics brand based in Brittany, France, is proud to announce the results of scientific tests performed (voluntarily) on two of its products’…

Everyone knows it: disruptors are everywhere and can often be found in our daily cosmetics. Their harmful potential, in particular for foetuses and young children have already been demonstrated, but they are still very little regulated because of a lack of scientific data and/or political courage.
As a matter of fact, Heuliad chose to focus on two skincare products commonly used by pregnant women: the Crème talentueuse, a multifunctional face and hand repair cream that can also be applied on the areas affected by stretch marks, and the Soin épatant anti-taches, an anti-dark spot cream.

Yet, how can it be claimed that a product has no endocrine action today? How is it possible to search for the hundred or so molecules likely to have this type of effect, and possibly assess their interactions, commonly named the cocktail effect? What type of test enables to do that? …

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