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L'Oréal: The killer dye?

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This information is on the Internet since November … first released by the British Daily Mail, then relayed by the renowned BBC: a 38-year old woman would be in a coma after using a hair dye, due to a severe allergic reaction. L'Oréal, involved by the victim's father, prefers not to comment. 

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The affair has been released on 22 November 2011 by the Daily Mail . Nevertheless, it dates back to 30 October, after Julie McCabe, a 38-year old English woman, who had  just dyed  her hair at home, fell into a coma.

Few minutes after dyeing her hair, Keith Miller, her father says, "she couldn't breathe so we'd rushed her down to the hospital and her heart stopped during that journey."

Is there a link between the hair dye and the allergenic reaction? Hair dyes are often involved in undesirable reactions of this kind (even if generally less serious); the  Cosmetovigilance reports released every year by the French Agency for sanitary safety of health products (Afssaps) are the proof. The link, then, is not unlikely, even if, in the best of our knowledge, it has not yet been confirmed.

For Julie McCabe’s father, Para-phenylenediamine is the cause. This, as he told, even if his daughter made frequent hair dyeing, and if she had already used this L’Oréal product before.

On both sides of the Channel, Cosmeticobs-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques has tried to get in contact with a spokesperson. The answer is that the brand “is focused on the situation.” Nevertheless, the brand …

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