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Lux educates consumers against everyday sexism

Lux sensibilise les consommateurs contre le sexisme ordinaire

Lux, a brand of the Unilever group, has just launched an online platform to experience the ordinary sexism that punctuates the daily life of women. The goal is to better understand the disparities that men and women face.

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“And if you put yourself in the shoes of women” is the objective of Lux, a brand of hygiene products distributed in Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific countries.

Lux has partnered with the City Walks website, which allows users to virtually walk through cities around the world. “Whether on the street or in the workplace, women are constantly judged on the way they dress, walk and talk. Whether it’s booing or inappropriate compliments, the everyday sexism is shockingly commonplace, causing them to change the way they behave themselves,” Lux explains.

That’s how the idea for the “In her shoes” campaign was born. “When people visit the platform, they can click on a button that allows them to experience it as a man or as a woman. While gentlemen can enjoy an uninterrupted ride, soaking up the sights and sounds of the city, the female perspective is very different. Crossing a bridge or walking down a side street attracts unwanted attention, with female users experiencing sexist remarks,” Lux continues.

While the goal here is to raise awareness among men about this everyday violence, the brand has announced that other actions will be added to the “In her Shoes” campaign to …

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