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The "cosmetic tax" is over!


The tax on cosmetics (0.1% of turnover) was introduced in the 2012 Social Security Finance Act and has since been renewed. The same finance law for 2016 has just repealed it, to the great satisfaction of the industry and its representatives, who welcome a first step towards administrative simplification.

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Press release of the FEBEA*

After years of fighting against the cosmetic tax project, then against the tax itself, the cosmetic companies, united within the FEBEA, welcome its repeal.
This tax provision had no economic justification and earned little more than what it cost to collect. Moreover, this tax was accompanied by an aberrant administrative burden: a detailed (but unusable) sales declaration had to be completed by the companies and sent to the ANSM.
This double penalty weighed heavily on VSEs and SMEs, which represent 85% of the players in the cosmetics sector, and it penalized the only players operating in France without any benefit being derived.
The FEBEA is delighted to see its arguments recognised and the cosmetics sector applauds this first step towards administrative simplification.

The Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté is the professional union representing cosmetic product manufacturers operating in France.

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