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The stakes of deconfinement for the cosmetics industry as seen by Christophe Masson, CEO of Cosmetic Valley

Christophe Masson

On Monday 11 May, France begins its first day of deconfinement after two months of shutdown. While the time for recovery has come, the greatest caution is required to achieve this timid return to normal. Christophe Masson, Managing Director of Cosmetic Valley, answered CosmeticOBS’ questions in order to give the cosmetics industry food for thought to restart efficiently and safely. He also announced the five measures of a major Innovation & Export recovery plan, including the Cosmetic Valley General Assembly and the transformation of the Cosmetic 360 show into a 100% digital event.

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CosmeticOBS: With the contours of deconfinement taking shape, what does the Cosmetic Valley recommend to help the industry resume its activity in the most efficient way?

Christophe Masson: Our companies have shown their responsibility, their strong agility and their solidarity in the face of the crisis, with the strength of a network and the local synergies that can be set up.
In just a few days, in the face of COVID-19 and the significant needs of healthcare personnel, they were able to implement an organisation that enabled the production and distribution of hydroalcoholic gel throughout France: adaptation of processes, regulatory adjustments, and mutual assistance through the platform for the exchange of pharmaceutical products and packaging items.
IMPACT+,… Responsibility, Agility, Solidarity and Innovation will be the key words of the recovery.
Our companies will implement a very progressive deconfinement and adapt their organization to produce while ensuring the safety of employees.
They will also have to ensure the upstream (supply) and downstream (distribution) aspects of their activity, as they did for the freeze, and this will necessarily involve consolidating local synergies between our companies.
Finally, they will continue their solidarity effort on the hydroalcoholic freeze, which is essential to the …

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