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U'Cosmetics 2020: and the winners are...!

U'Cosmetics 2020 : et les lauréats sont ...!

It’s a tradition now. Every year, in mid-March, the U’Cosmetics student competition is held. For the 11th edition, the students worked on the theme of cosmetofood and proposed to the jury a product accompanied by its communication strategy. Among the fifteen or so competing teams, only four were distinguished. Here is the prize list.

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Due to the coronavirus epidemic, U’Cosmetics 2020 could not take place in the premises of UCO North Brittany, as usual. Nevertheless, the jurors consulted each other from a distance and awarded the following prizes: Innovation Formulation Prize, Innovative Concept Prize, Jury’s Favourite Prize. The Philippe Collas Prize was also awarded thanks to online public votes.

Innovation Formulation Prize

Break & Care

The creators
Margot Fiant, Maëlle Juif, Léa Le Gal, Manon Le Rat and Daphné Valeri (Université Catholique de l’Ouest Bretagne Nord de Guingamp)

The project
Break & Care, is inspired by the world of Cosmetofood and gourmet food in its form, composition and process. Imagined as the pleasure of the week, this hair care product is a solid oil bath in the form of a chocolate bar.
Its melting core contains active ingredients that protect and shine the hair.
Its double galenic formula brings a new gesture of application and a unique experience to consumers.

Innovative Concept Award

Nendo Care

The creators
Romane Adam, Louise Darrort, Lucie Geiben and Emilie Rojtman (École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse)

The project
Under the influence of Japanese culture, and in particular the mochis, they created “Nendo Care”, a range of three strong detanglers.
For an optimal application on the hair, their products transform into a cream after humidification.
They consist of a 1cm diameter clay core, where the active ingredient resides, and a flexible envelope to protect it.
In the interest of waste reduction, the conditioners are distributed in bulk.

Jury’s Favourite Award

Moroccan ritual from Delicior

The creators
Nelly Bony, Bilel Gaiech, Mathilde Nicolet (Faculty of Pharmacy of Montpellier)

The project
The team presents a Moroccan ritual that will be proposed in the major luxury hotels in France, in order to make customers travel. It is composed of: a shower gel with an exfoliating option if the client wishes, a solid shampoo, a body foam and a bath ball.
Innovation is the concept itself, introducing products with typical foreign raw materials with the aim of making customers travel, with zero waste packaging, refills and single-dose formats.

Philippe Collas Prize


The creators
Océane Anduze, Lenaïg Benjamin, Majda Jamai, Nathan Saure-Lambert and Flore Tessier (National Superior School of Chemistry of Montpellier)

The project
Améba is reinventing the image of bacteria by drawing inspiration from food industry technologies.
We develop organic, ethical and eco-responsible cosmetics with pre-probiotic active ingredients to nourish and preserve the skin’s flora. Aimed at dry and sensitive skin, our first range Oréveil aux inspirations gourmands du petit déjeuner combines a toning lotion with prebiotic inulin and a moisturizing cream with probiotic active ingredients and apple extract.

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